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Problem logging into eXo


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Please check out Dutchman101's comment on this issue.

Side note, this is an international forum so we expect posts in English. ;)

On 13/01/2020 at 21:08, Dutchman101 said:

Make sure to uninstall the software properly.


Go to "Programs and software" in configuration panel and uninstall anything that starts (or looks like):

* "KIller Network ..."

* "Rivet Killer ..."

* "Drivers Rivet Killer Performance"

Then restart your PC and try again.

If it doesn't work yet, then try these workarounds:

2) open task manager and go to processes list, see if any of this is running:

* KillerNetworkService.exe


If so, then it didn't get uninstalled properly.


If not uninstalled properly, then click below spoiler for more information and workarounds:

  Reveal hidden contents


The SD kicks are being triggered due to:

C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\RivetNetworks\Killer\ > KfeCo10X64.sys or RfeCo10X64.sys (in some cases, the .sys file is in C:\WINDOWS\System32\)

* Note: for some versions of Windows, the .sys file can look like e.g "KfeCoW7.." or "RfeCoW7" (Windows 7), "KfeCoW8..", "RfeCoW8.." (Windows 8) etc

.. which is the software's driver for bandwidth shaping .. still being running. This driver directly applies traffic shaping rules for applications, so that's why you can get kicked for it running, and not being removed correctly.


In that case, you could try to uninstall it again, because you probably made a mistake and it didn't uninstall properly, or try one of the following methods:

1) Go to start > run > "services.msc" and find a service that starts with RfeCo and right-click it, set state to "disabled" and restart your PC.


Someone else who uninstalled it but found uninstalling didn't stop or delete the driver/service, managed to solve it in the following way:

2) download the latest version of the Killer Networking Software:

Windows 10: https://support.killernetworking.com/download/killer-software-package-windows-10-1803/

Windows 7/ Windows 8.1: https://support.killernetworking.com/download/killer-control-center-64-bit-for-windows-7-8-1-older-windows-10-versions/

Install this latest version after downloading it, restart your PC, then uninstall it again from Programs and software (like removing any other program). The reason would be that some older versions may not correctly remove the .sys file and service, if you uninstall the software, although we didn't confirm this problem. But as a last solution, it's worth trying.

Other than that, removing the .sys file after stopping the service (RfeCo ...) in Run > services.msc so it's no longer in use, or in safe mode is a (often too complicated) solution. But just so you know.


More information:

- Read https://updatesa.multitheftauto.com/sa/trouble/?tr=netlimiter

- You will only get kicked on servers that want to prohibit software of the category "Net limiter"

- Net limiters are often benign applications that are however, also capable of abuse by functioning as a lag switch.

* They allow you to reduce available bandwidth and speed on specific applications, like MTA, to cause lag deliberately.

* They may come pre-installed on your PC (by OEM) or as part of your drivers


For this reasons, servers are able to use SD #33 from MTA AC guide to block it and kick players for it. It is opt-in.

You got kicked because you're trying  to join a server that uses this special detection (which is a conscious decision from the server owner) and you're running this software or haven't disabled or removed it properly. So yeah, refer to the instructions to resolve it.


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