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How to call a lua script function from a site?


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How to call a lua script function from a site?


I don’t know what POST request to send to the server to get a response!

I'm trying to do it like this:

function MTACheck(user)
	account = getAccount(user)
	if account then
		return "OK"
		return "ERROR"
import requests

ipp = '4*.17*.4*.4*:3***2' # it's my IP:PORT server adress
user = '6E860E******************8E0F65F2' #it's my login from server

req = requests.post(f'http://{ipp}/payment/call/MTAPaymentCheck', data = {'user': f'{user}'})
print( str(req.text) )

Received from the server: Access denied, please login

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On 19/01/2021 at 05:52, Patrick said:

Попробуйте использовать этот sdk или проверьте, как он работает:  https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/mta-python-sdk

This works with `Django`, so it didn't work for me.

I need to find out information about the server using regular `requests`.

I need to know how to get the name of the server by its IP: PORT

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On 18/01/2021 at 20:25, L3firD said:

Received from the server: Access denied, please login

btw. How are you going to login without password? ?

For each request you need to provide the username and password.

Fields: "user", "password" (mta account)


Also make sure that the function can be accessed (in the meta.xml), you probably already did that.



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17 minutes ago, IIYAMA said:

кстати Как вы собираетесь входить без пароля??

I can already access the resources, for this I use a GET request with a Login and Password.

I cannot find out how many players are on the server and the server name. As far as I know, LOGIN and PASSWORD are not needed for this.

How will monitoring services learn this information?

Sorry if my question is not clear. I use a translator to communicate with you!

def givePlayerDonatePoints(server_ip, server_http_port, player_login, bot_password, amount):
    req = requests.get(f'http://{server_ip}:{server_http_port}/payment/call/MTAPaymentData?user={player_login}::{amount}', auth=('MTAPaymentROBOT', bot_password))
    answer = json.loads(req.text)[0]
    if answer == 'OK':
        return True
        return False


To call a function using a URL, I do it like this

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57 minutes ago, L3firD said:

I cannot find out how many players are on the server and the server name.


You can create a ` web page` in MTA, which helps you access resource data and that access can be scoped by the rights of the resource. This eliminates the 'log in' requirement.





In there you can find the querystring variable.

<* querystring *>

Might be worth looking in to.





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