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  1. Try running MTA Server.exe as administrator.
  2. Check that the windows firewall is not intervening the connection or the firewall of the router. Once that is reviewed, check that you have the UPnP option enabled on your router. If the same thing continues, I advise you to change the NAT type of your router.
  3. Send me a private message so I can help you.
  4. change to: setElementModel(player, skinID)
  5. Test SELECT pSkin FROM users WHERE username = ? It would stay that way, I think: local skinID = exports.fs_sql:_QuerySingle("SELECT pSkin FROM users WHERE username = ?", username)
  6. Have you already set the server fps limit to 100? SetFPSLimit It can also be poor optimization of resources, textures, models, etc. As for the server, you can try increasing the priority of the Mtasa process to high to force more usage of cpu and other resources.
  7. AaroN⍩

    About FastDL

    Of course it is possible to synchronize the folders
  8. The ASE port is assigned automatically, depending on the udp players port you put, to see the ase port, type openports in the console.
  9. I have a problem, apparently I'm banned from the entire MTA for the reason "FFS-FLAME" Blackmail, I looked for information on the wiki about this but I didn't find anything I don't know that could be causing it. I installed a GTASA that apparently came modified with cleomods but mtasa himself told me that I could continue playing as long as there were no problems and I played for about 3 days but today it says that I am banned, I tried to install another clean GTASA but it tells me the same thing. My serial number is: 2011DF4109410D5C86A9B09B44CBDAF3 Thanks
  10. AaroN⍩


    You cannot change this, they are fundamental processes for the operation of MTASA.
  11. Probably have scripts that throw errors so there are a lot of junk logs. Try to fix the scripts, you can temporarily delete the log file from time to time.
  12. Is your internet connection stable? It could also be due to the firewall of your PC or Router, make sure that the ports are correctly open without restrictions.
  13. Your vps is windows or linux? and what operating system ?
  14. This is due to an unstable connection, it usually happens when using VPN. The solution would be to hire a hosting.
  15. TCAdmin, Open Game Panel.
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