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[Blog] Race Mod 1.1 Admin Update


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Well, been a while since my last update as i've been working a lot on deathmatch and my PC died a couple of weeks ago so it's taken me a while to get everything back up and running normally again :(

However, I am now back on the ball and have spent some time working on the Admin system for the next Race Mod release. I've decided to include a few new features that various people have requested and made some tweaks here and there.

First of all I'll list some of the new features (this isn't final yet and there will likely be a couple more things added before release):

- Admin's can now send PM's to players (these are also sent to all other admins). You can also just PM directly to the console ingame, without having to display things in the chat.

- Ping's are now sent to Admin, so it will be possible to make a ping kicking script using MTA:mA.

- Notification is now sent when players finish races (I will most likely also be sending when players respawn and when a race "ends" aswell, but this has not been done yet).

- There are a few more rcon commands for ingame admins, mainly to match what the Remote Admin features (ie: rcon unban).

These are just a few of the things I have done to the admin system, there have been a few small tweaks here and there too (ie /me is now supported from admin and console) and I have fixed a few crashes in the Remote Admin client. Do also note that due to the 255 map limit on the server being removed in v1.1, the admin netcode has drastically changed for races, and there have been a few other changes around the netcode. I will release a new version of the netcode documentation on the wiki when v1.1 is out.

That's all i've got to say for now I think as it's around 4am and i need my sleep :P


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