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I've managed to load single player in MTA

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ok, no problem or something but just cool to mention here.

I was loading mta and I forgot to set my xfire status to MTA (so my friends know I'm playing MP and not SP, (only San Andreas appears as status. so I place mta in the front of it)) so I went back ingame and I selected a server. and the main menu appeared. mtascreen00040xd.th.jpg

so I loaded my own savegame to see what kind of funny things I should encounter... then just a black screen with lightning (not from thunder, but just light on it) and my "own" CJ falling into the black hole (missed the screenshot) mtascreen00055mi.th.jpg

This is probably the same bug as the npc into editor bug...

well it was fun to have it once... I'll go ingame again for some MTA :wink:

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I've seen the main menu appear once or twice during development, but its hard to reproduce. Anyway, loading a saved game won't work as we don't load GTA's scripts so things can go very strange...

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I got this a few times by alt-tabbing during the intro movies. Not sure if it was the intro to the game or the nvidia ad... Either way when I alt tabbed back I saw both mta and single player options. I didn't try loading any games, the system was pretty unusable, so I just shut it down.

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It's the gamersedge.org server

Still haven't figured the map out yet though. It's only 4 of those stunt ramps things for 32 people = 128 objects and then the 32 spawn. Really shouldn't be too intensive, I've played maps with a lot more objects in a small area.

I will, however, try shortening the course by removing the first objects... Might help.

It might also be worth a shot to spread out the courses...

Thanks for the tips.


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