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  1. oh com on guys please help me out I have no idea how to do it .. this is a help area so lets help each other
  2. I did look around the forums but i didnt find anything .. so if any one could help me out that be grate
  3. hello every one I have installed gta sa on ubuntu 8.10 its a 64 bit version ... and I also installed mta but when i try to run mta it doesn't open nothing happens.. could any one please help me thx
  4. are you speaking fore him or what ?
  5. yea i know its a mode and no you cant add all thous things to it...
  6. bots are possible.. bots ware used in GTA3 if u look trough the mta history and mta history videos they did create bots except they ware not spoused to shoot and in the video they did but that wasn't what they waned to use them for... they ware used for people to chose players so you could spawn as that skin
  7. no dont its cool i like it i dont like it when it isn't there ..
  8. no no i mean get out of the vehicles to take the flag i really don't like how u can just take the flag with out getting of the bike or what ever your in it doesn't seem right / fair
  9. max-668

    Add ID's

    oh ok... when you hit "p" youget admin console u can just choseplayers name
  10. Wouldn't you guys think that when your a spectator you should have all the freedom of moving your mouse around the person your spectating like you can see the person from any side you want.. and i not think you can chose who to spectate .... correct me if im wrong but icouldnt
  11. I would like to say that CTF is one of my favorite modes.. and I would like to give some Suggestions to make the mode more fun. 1.I think it would be cool if you had to get out of the vehicle to take the flag well maybe not cool but more fair and harder. so when your on a bike you would have to get of he bike to take the flag and jump back on the bike. 2 could it be made that the character actually holds the flag in his hand ? if so that would be cool.. and if he can hold the flag in his hands could it be used as a weapon lol that would be pretty funny... 3. What do you guys think about hook? im not sure if thats a good idea my self but hook is used in ctf modes just tell me what you think and you can add on your ideas below
  12. max-668

    MTA Startup

    I think hat would be awesome but i don't think mta team would do that 1 they never did they hallways cared about how the game play is and not the look of the game.. assa-mp well they always tried to make the game sexy... but the game play sucked correct me if I'm wrong more info about this viewtopic.php?f=87&t=21120
  13. you need to keep your posts short otherwise people want read it theres allot of lazy people out there.... ahha and i think /votemode its good it should stay reason the oner of the server can toggle it on and off... but yea the every one should get like one vote for a game mode or so because its annoying how people change modes all the tie
  14. I was just playing CTF and as much as i love CTF i have to say that CTF got a big bug when u get killed with the flag sometimes u spawn with the flag and it just makes the game king of less fun just thought i should let you guys know PS: i think if some one is on b bike they should get of in other to get the flag not just ride in to th flag to take it makes game harder but as you know you cant pick up weapons when your on a bike so i think you shouldn't have the ability to take the flag when your on a bike it would be much more fun if you ask me.. so also my suggestion would be in other to get the flag you would have to get of the bike to get the flag and jump back on the bike what do you guys think ? o and a cool thing would be if when you have the flag you could hit people with it but thats not a Suggestions forum so I will just shut up
  15. ok and how do i fix the /votemode command it wont work atall
  16. ok so this is a problem i have a server on linux and well lets just say that some things dont work the way they should and some dont work at all like /votemode /votemap i have no idea how to make that work and some maps just dont load and when they do they arn't loaded correctly like hay lol that map is cool but on my server well take a look .. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g221/ ... 0008-1.png http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g221/ ... en0009.png http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g221/ ... en0008.png as you can tell the hay is not there at all like wtf theres just one level wheres the others? hmm and when i look at maps some maps failed to load and when i type /changemode as as-heist or any as pap the map doesn't change when i in game KELP S S help me out i AM OUT OF IDEAS
  17. yea thx but i still don't know how to make them... I wish there was some one that could help me...
  18. I tried to change some ctf map add and remove some of the vehicles and other object i got a idea of how the scripting works well i think i do at least but when i tried to change something in a map that is already made the game says that the map does not exist... how can i and is it possible to make maps whit out the map editor. please help
  19. You guys are mean they do whats best for the game they do it for us not for them selfs they do it because they love us <3 so make it 3 years just because they got big harts and a busy life and its require not requre
  20. well it works kind of differently because u don't access it with a /what ever its more like you see other peopl opening and closing the car door its that kid of thing
  21. i don't really think thats feasible. because see in order to see any character move in game you need animations with out the animations they would just stand still .. they would move around but you want see there legs move. Same thing with a flag. / I could be wrong
  22. no problem.. So far no one answered my question yet
  23. Well im not sure... Did you read it correctly? i clearly said and I wouldn't be able to do it because I would need to have source code (if im not mistaking)
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