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Banned for unknown reason


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I've been playing MTA from school for fun with my classmates since February and I just noticed that I'm banned. I don't know why it might have happened, since we usually only play on our local server. My friends are also banned.

May we have a ban appeal please?

My nickname: #00ff00[WAD]Dod|HD


My friends serials: 52E55D307BB5230F39B4EEEB1A8E8C43


My serial: BFE582B996B5FC8C75AA8B9B9704CD94

Thanks in advance.


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

These serials were banned because a global ban evader that goes by the name of "CHRS" (involved in a serious offense) was using them to continue playing and carry on their abuse. Said person teamed up with https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/115929-xsimas-unban-req/ (read for a bit of background) to do the things mentioned there.

We cannot determine if it's you or not, unfortunately PC's in your school cannot be unbanned. He'll end up returning by using random ones. What they did is very harmful behaviour to MTA, so I hope you understand the gravity and the need to keep him away from the communities he harmed..

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