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synchronize for .4

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Well done MTA Team on .3b, :D:D

i think that for .4 you should forget the gamemodes and start working on further synchronizeing the whole game.

In .3b sync in decent and playable but still abit off timeing,haveing no traffic and no pedestrian makes Liberty City look like a ghost town and can get abit boring if there is no one on the server maybe in future MTA version you can put a few pedestrian and some traffic in ...But NOT to many because that's what SP can be for ,also i think if you put the same amount of pedestrian and traffic as Single player on MP mod there will be to much going on and some machine might not handle that well


Thanks again



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in my humble opinion the most important things needed in MTA are :

1-deathmessages and death anims

i'ts weird to kill somebody or die and simply disappear ... maybe a global message or a killed/killer one . and a fall to the ground and corpse for a couple of seconds ...

2-damage to cars

not seing the cars getting damaged is also on the list, and when it blows up it takes us back to point 1 above

3-removing ppl from car

nothing beats the exileration :wink: of getting a friend out of his car and riding on to the sunset in it ... it even opens the chance to create your own new type of minigames, like control the dodo etc.i'm not even getting into when you get in a friends car and dont control it and everything gets a little gusshy (nice word... means nothing :D )

4- jumping animation ?

i think i read somewhere that the jumping animation wasn't done ... maybe i'm wrong ... but the other players do disapear for a couple of feet sometimes, maybe they jumped, maybe it's just lag, maybe it's both :roll:

These are the building blocks ... when MTA has these things ... it's on it's way to perfection ...

i'm happy that we are going in the right direction and i want to thank the MTA team for what they gave us thus far !

ps: an ingame chatting thingy would also be most apreciated :lol:

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