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A few bugs I've enjoyed solving.

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well, first off, there's a bug int he game (dont ask how, or why, but it happens) the car goes into a never ending loop of crashing or something, rolling over and such, you may thinnk, no prob get out of car, yeah but if someone s stuck under the car and fly's with it, their not moving, I had this happen, all you do is park a car where the loop restart, it'll free the guy if your lucky, it wont stop the car though, if you havn't seen this error before, dont worry about it, you'll know what I mean when you do.

2, when cars respawn (or just move) after being fliped and on fire, they sttay fired, and 2, sometimes they moving INTO A WALL, tthis can be very irrisom, when you have a nice car in the middle of nowhere and its stuck in the wall,

there I'm done.

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