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Someone's using my name

Guest [UVA]Driver

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On MTA, on some of the scriptless GTA3 servers I've had to change my nick to get access .. I rarely visit MTA servers nowadays so if you see someone actin a total prick it's not me. Probably some retard that got kicked or banned for not following server rules and annoying other players while I was there as an admin.

He doesn't put up much in terms of flame wars either. So sad.

Please move if this ain't the relevant forum area.

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Got his IP, I had to go in as BuLLit, thx man for trusting me with your password.

He logged off and came back on as 'Raekwon'

Raekwon's IP:


[uVA]BuLLit: raekwon are you driver?

Raekwon: bye then

Raekwon: yeh

PM sent: rae

[uVA]BuLLit: wait i wanna say somethin

Raekwon: go on

[uVA]BuLLit: why have u changed ur name m

[uVA]BuLLit: m8

PM sent: rae

PM from Admin: Raekwon's IP:

Raekwon: dunno

[uVA]BuLLit: u were just on as uva driver right?

[uVA]BuLLit: :(

[uVA]BuLLit: i wanted to pwn you a bit on this server and get my stats up

Raekwon: yeh i know but i thought a wu tang name would be sik

He used that word 'sik' a lot during my 'arguments' with him.

Look out for him.. BuLLit seems to think it's AbbaJabba because the guy was on AbbaJabba's server :/ but the guy was on different servers.

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