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I think the subject of this thread says enough. after all, one of the great things about gta3, its the minigames, the ability to do so much more than just missions and ramapges. so instead of dropping them, we should mod them here are some ideas:

1) FireTeam: each person has a fire truck, and the fires are synced, so each play has to go out and put out the fire, because the fires are random, it will be like a race to the fire. the truck that puts it out gets a point

2) Hospital Union: each person gets an ambulance, and assigned a hospital.. they can devliver patients to any hosiptal, but that hopsital gets the points for saving those people.. so obviously you want to deliver to your team's hospital, rather than otherwise

3)Cops N Robbers: this has been mentioned on like 20 billion other threads

umm is there any other mini's im forgetting?

anyway those are my ideas to include the minigames... crazy taxi is fun, why not make Crazy Taxi Liberty City? or RUSH 4: Streets of Liberty City? well im out

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most of these have been mentioned.

Random fires could be alright, though i prefer the arsonist v firefighter scenario as it lets us firestarters *xerox sings? the prodigy tune* wreak havoc! =)

Ambulance idea has some merit, i couldnt figure out how that was going to work.

Taxi missions are also an idea, though they are too much like the ambulance missions.

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