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Revisiting community.mtasa.com and status updates


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Would be awesome if the community would be open source.

Plus the con "security by obscurity doesn’t “work” anymore" would be solved if a framework is used like Laravel in combination with Vue or something for better security.
And the con "
slightly more effort (as we’ve to separate stuff like the decompiler)" can be solved with a private backend repository.

Keep u the good work!

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In my opinion, the worst part of the forum design is the background. And they could change, perhaps making it clearer.

Like this:



As for the mod, I expect the custom IFP animation support to be implemented with good synchronization with the server, otherwise, it would be better not have. With this, it would be interesting also to extend the system of peds, adding new functions and improving others, always paying attention to the synchronization with the server.

MTA is one of the most complete multiplayer mods, if not the most. It is even difficult to find things that are impossible to do. But for me, there are two paths yet to be explored, the system peds, as I have already said, and the properties of objects. If we could manipulate the goal properties more, I'm sure it would generate very creative ideas for resources and servers.

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37 minutes ago, CodyJ(L) said:

Sync is already good, you just need to use it properly..


And I'd kinda like to see a color scheme similar to the website I was working on.


I dont say the sync is bad, I just looked at the fact that applications like the ones I mentioned are very likely can be unstable, and deserve great care.

Just It.

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Few of the suggestions for community:
- Making a bootstrap resource website with different kinds of categories. Make the global categories, e.g: Roleplay, DM, Racing. Whenever a person is uploading resources they can then choose from that category. Tags can be made by an uploader, and so you can make tag cloud of most used tags.
Few examples from Bootstrap for designer help:
List of resources, this is actually for album but can be easily modified: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/examples/album/
Login/Register: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/examples/sign-in/
Two types of account, one can be normal user, and one resource uploader. The resource uploader can view the stats of their resources (This would be optional but really great!). Above you can see the dashboard for resource uploader
- Featured place on home page of community (So people can promote their free resources and MTA:SA can earn money through this), and as always under the featured resources, showing the newly uploaded, updated resources and most rated resources.
- Approval of resources manually by an administrator, there are some resources that shouldn't be on community, it would be good to raise the standard of it.
- Making it more user-friendly, when i was new and i tried to register on community i wasn't even getting any error or any message regarding registration
- Please don't use IPS Downloads, it is worst for resources as i have used this before. Pretty much limited.
- To show the resources in a better way, square box showing main image of the resource, and the name under it.
- Better resource page - Left side can show some images of screenshot and on center description and download button. Tabs could be added under the download button for "Video", "Detailed Description", "Review". And also better reviewing system. When showing the resources, rating could be shown under the name of resource.
- Using the header & footer of main website would give it a good look!

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