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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I recently got back and i found out that i was banned for some reason i tried emailng mack105 but no response so can you guys unabn me my serial 3FAD29A1FFE4D07EC898D0A41EC9E5B3
  2. paklaxjs


    Hello dear MTA staff. I recently got banned by using hacks. I am banned for 2 weeks. This was the first time using hacks but i promise i wont do it again if i get unbanned. I understand its my fault and it wont happen again. Please can i get an unban? My serial - 7C71C054F8C488E35B56AEDE602AAD71
  3. Hi , my name is omid and i got banned by mta and mta is says "Close Hearth of Iron" while now i closed my steam that means when steam is not launched , hearth of iron game cant be launch ! and i am not cheating or hacking or ... even when i opened mta i closed my steam even i don't found any rules about hearth of iron game in mta rules and eula and TOS and i don't know about this rule this is my mtadiag log : https://pastebin.multitheftauto.com/7978970462 please say me how much time i got banned and please tell me can anybody unban me or not ? this is my screenshot link : https://s6.uupload.ir/files/screenshot_(107)_wxhr.png
  4. English: i dont use any cheat or other program, but i get a ban from mta client. I would like to request an unban. Hungarian: Nem használok semmilyen csaló vagy más programot, de az mta klienstől kitiltást kapok. Szeretném kérni a unbant.
  5. Few days ago, I got banned from Drop Club server for no clear reason. I was contacting the admin on their vk, post a thread on their vk and YouTube but gets no respond from them. They just deleted my posts on the vk. I was just stop on the side of the road to wait for other cars to drift with me, but just as soon as I was about to start, I got banned. It says that "serial banned. Reason: (nick: AkimotoRitsu) (by eli). Need Help, please. I was just a new player on MTA:SA and It was short lived because I just want to drift with other peoples and my friends online. It what makes us connected together. PLEASE HELP ME, I was only played MTA:SA for 3 Days.
  6. Heelo,i don't relly rember what i was banned for soo i'm asking for an unban,what ever i did i will not be disrespectiful agin .
  7. Helo! Hogy lehet unbant kapni a szerveren? Ma kiírtam az hogy "román" és lebannoltak Serialra
  8. Hola, no sé si ésto irá acá pero lo pondré puesto a que no encontré otra sección para el mismo. Bueno, les cuento. Recién me enteré del Paradise R.P. por lo que traté hacerlo (ya que era con MySQL). Lo descargué, configuré y empezó todo bien pero el problema estuvo al momento de entrar ya que se quedó todo en negro y me banneó automáticamente por supuesto hack (cuyo mismo no tengo) de gravedad. Estuve leyendo y encontré que a un usuario de ésta misma comunidad le pasó una cosa parecida cuya misma solventó entrando a su base de datos, yendo a la tabla "wcf1_user", buscando su usuario y poniendo ceros. Entonces yo traté de solventarlo de la misma forma pero, para mi sorpresa, no está la dichosa tabla "wcf1_user". No sé qué hacer ya que es ban de serial y no me puedo desbannear. Ayuda, por favor. Así es como me aparece: No sé si les servirá de algo o no, pero éste es el link del post del usuario que tuvo el problema similar: Saludos y gracias de antemano.
  9. Hello i wanna unban in MTA! i work as QA in many servers including ( AUR / NGC ) .. and other under Dev servers! and i suspected in some DLL injection Hack Tools been used to have Aimbot and Unlimited Health! so when i tried GTA SA Injection Script i got Auto Banned for 24Hours! that i know won't Unban as i seen in many Cases! so i won't take Risk and Appeal this Auto Ban to be Unbanned!! thank you
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