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Found 5 results

  1. SELLING RUST GAMEMODE MTA:SA (MYSQL) One of the most advanced MTA Gamemodes from the world! I am selling the current gamemode from the Medieval Rust server (over 200 active players daily, record 70 online). This is one of the most advanced gamemodes in all of MTA:SA, I'm selling it because I want to leave the gaming community. Is perfect for open a server, if you have good ads, you can make a lot of players without any problem. I worked for 3 years to make it, being the original version of the Charged gamemode made by me, almost completely rewritten. I had very low CPU Usage with 70 players on 8 GB RAM memory, the FPS for players is almost always maximum set by server, the gamemode being very optimized! WHAT SYSTEMS DOES IT HAS? Inventory System (synced by milisecond, imposible to duplicate items, exactly like original game) Building System (Custom Objects, Delay between places, Exactly like in real Rust) Hunter System (Patrol from Real Rust) - Custom Artificial Intelligence for move around the map. BluePrint System (You need to learn items in Workbench and after then you can craft item) Crafting System (Same like original Rust) Vehicle System (Special UI, for repair vehicle and more) Airdrop ( Use Supply Drop item for call, every 90 minutes will spawn random on map) Barrels (Are 2 types or barrels, Yellow with good loot and Normal with normal loot. This barrels are on entire map) Military Boxes (On every 45 minutes will spawn Military box with good loot on radiation zones) Radiation System (You can use Hazmat for don't get a lot of damage in radiation zones) Radiation Cards (For open doors in radiation zones you need Blue Card) Custom Clothes (You can add clothes on inventory clothing slots for equip your character) Custom Helmet (If you equipped helmet, you don't get headshot at first shot in head) Custom Vest (Protect you 30% from damage) Custom Place Items (Bed, Workbench, External Wall, Furnace) Recycle System (same like Rust) Accounts (Using MYSQL and SQLite) - Including auto-login VIP System (5+ new permission on this) Custom Admin System (can respawn all vehicles, spawn hunter and more things) Custom Recoil (all weapons have a clean recoil, like on original game) Custom Weapon Fire ( When you shot, you can see bullets in real time, yellow) Upgrade Base (you can upgrade 3 times every object (wood, stone, iron)) Every object type have custom damage. Raid system (Can use C4, Rockets, Flame thrower, M249) Custom Damage System (now is synced even if player have lag) Custom Filters for colorfull of game Furnace System (like original game) Oil Rig Sleep System (if you disconnect, your body remain on server, players can kill and stole items) Group System /reset command (you can select what type of object want to destroy, have a custom UI) Animal System Custom Anti FlyHack (detect for admins /debugscript 3) Custom Anti WeaponHack Custom Vehicle Spawn Hack Custom Loot System (Trees, Stones, Sulfur, Metal) Added JackHammer and Chainsaw Chest System Custom Weapons (Exactly like in real rust) (Thompson, AK, LR, Bolt, M249, Bow, MP5, M39 and more) Crosshairs Custom Multi Language Translate (English, Russian, Portughues, Arabic, Turkish) UI Interface (Food, Water, Health, Radiation and more) Food System Fishing System (Need Fish Rod and Worm, then use /fish near water) Shop for Fish (use /sellfish at Train Station radiation zone) Custom Radar Custom Map Weapon Sounds like in original game (when you are far, hear another sounds) Custom PVP System (hitmark and more) TC System (if you placed TC, nobody can build near to it) WorkBench System Custom Weapon Properties (distance, damage and more) Logs on database (when you open another players chest, when you destroy items) These are just a few systems, the server is very complex! Contact: Discord: Catalin#8175 Email: [email protected] Images: https://imgur.com/a/Uobri4Z More Videos with Server:
  2. SELLING - Rust gamemode +mysql Hello, i'm selling Rust Gamemode. We started to work at this project 2 years ago, we had 50+ online players without any problems. Gamemode is one of the best from MTA, we have a lot of systems and the code is write with a lot of care, without any bugs or problems. The gamemode is perfect for open a server, if have good promotion can make 100+ online players very easy. WHAT SYSTEMS DOES IT HAS? Building system (Same like in Original Rust) Crafting system (Same like in Original Rust) Custom Map (Have radiation zones and more) Inventory system (Same like in Original Rust) Full MySQL database Bed system (Same like in Original Rust) Grup system Furnace system Chest system Recycle system Animals(Deers, Boar) Vehicles Airdrop (people can call it with Supply Drop item) Oil Rig (can use Red Card item to open door and take good loot) Cargo Ship (Every 1 hour cargo will spawn on the sea, you can take loot from this) Vip System Admin System Custom Account System (Including 2 databases and auto-login, auto-register) Custom Weapons (Same like in Original Rust) Custom crosshairs Custom weapon properties, including recoil and more Base upgrade (Tier 1 - Wood, Tier 2 - Stone, Tier 3 - Iron) Raiding System (Flame Thrower just for wooden bases, C4, Rocket) If you want to buy contact me here via messages .......................... If you have questions xMaKaKa#6581 Buy Here removed by staff SCREENSHOTS AND VIDEOS https://youtu.be/Am5z3_8iekc https://youtu.be/WE2jHu0tMQA https://youtu.be/vGhsbwRDsOI
  3. ►Brazil Survival (rust/dayz)◄[ALPHA 1.10]-LVL,BUILD,ZOMBIES,PVP,MISSIONS♦ Base grátis (informações no discord) Discord: http://discord.gg/CT4ZRsY2wG IP: mtasa://
  4. MTA: SA RUST LEGACY é um Mod para Multi Theft Auto de sobrevivência desenvolvido pela equipe eXemple Games. O único objetivo em Rust é sobreviver! Para fazer isso, você precisará superar as lutas como fome, sede e frio. Construa um fogo. Construir um abrigo. Mate animais por carne. Proteja-se dos outros jogadores e mate-os por carne. Crie alianças com outros jogadores e forme uma cidade. Faça o que for preciso para sobreviver. Ligações úteis: mtasa: // 22003 Discórdia oficial do servidor: https://discord.gg/SrQ9Fjg Jogos eXemple: https://discord.gg/SrQ9Fjg Outras imagens
  5. Ahmed Ly


    Ok so I want to recreate the notification system from Rust: The problem is, I don't know how to make the DX Drawn rectangle move up and create a new one under, and after 2 new notifications, fade the top ones.. Like in the picture basically... So this is how I started it: dxDrawRectangle(s[1]*48/60, s[2]*28/35, s[1]*304/1700, s[2]*24/600 ,tocolor(114,140,69,150)) dxDrawText("Stone +5", s[1]*48/59.5, s[2]*28/17.35, s[1]*50/1440, s[2]*24/900, tocolor(192,192,192,210),1.2,"default-bold","left","center", false, true, false, false, false) Thanks.
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