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Found 4 results

  1. Este es el código que he hecho hasta ahora... AreaGuerra = { 1, 1577.6806640625, 663.0947265625, 180, 120, , 0, 0, 0, 1698.1025390625, 679.1884765625, 14.822175979614 } function tables1 () executeSQLQuery("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Gang_truf (ID INTEGER, X REAL, Y REAL, W REAL, H REAL, Gang STRING, R, G, B, sX REAL, sY REAL, sZ REAL)") for i, tables in ipairs(AreaGuerra) do local ID, X, Y, W, H, Gang, R, G, B, sX, sY, sZ = tables[1], tables[2], tables[3], tables[4], tables[5], tables[6], tables[7], tables[8], tables[9], tables[10], tables[11], tables[12] executeSQLQuery("insert into Gang_truf(ID, X, Y, W, H, Gang, R, G, B, sX, sY, sZ) values(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", ID, X, Y, W, H, Gang, R, G, B, sX, sY, sZ) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), tables1)
  2. Database Problems Hello, I'm a beginner in this type of development, and I never used before any database, but I want to learn how to connect the database and the server, I'm just really struggling with databases, and I didn't found anything helpful for beginners, and I definitely don't know how to make my own script, so I downloaded a database system from MTA Community, and I tried to figure it out by myself, but no matter what I did, I couldn't connect the database and the server together, here is a picture of my problem: The steps I did to make a connection to the database I tried to do the exact same steps as the Script Author wrote it down in points but I failed in the first step, which is to configure my database configurations in server.lua I Successfully made a database via xampp, and exported the sql file into the database. I added the resource to my ACL's admin group I did these steps, and the connection was still unsuccessful, what did I do wrong? I really don't understand and I really appreciate any help, or suggestions to where to start to learn about these more, or just how to make a connection between the server and the database, thank y'all in advance!
  3. Gente meu filezila ta dando uns erros na hora de pasar alguns arquivos vocês conseguem me ajudar? ERRO: Diz quando vou pasar os arquivos do server em alguns arquivos diz assim: Não foi possível iniciar a transferência, isso acontece com esses arquivos: dbconmy.dll, lua5.1.dll, pcre3.dll, deathmach.dll, libmysql,dll o que q eu posso fazer pra isso ir pro meu filezila?
  4. #LycaN

    MySQL internal dbs

    How can I change the MTA internal db (internal.db and registry.db) to MySQL, maintening the functions like getAccountData, getElementData ?
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