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Found 8 results

  1. Project Genesis Q: What is Project Genesis? A: Project Genesis is a Multi Theft Auto server with RPG gamemode based on Grand Theft Auto V Online We are trying to recreate the things you do in GTA V online in MTA:SA, I want to let you now that the server is in heavy development because it was started only 2 weeks ago. But I wanted to announce the server early so that players can enter the server faster and see our progress made with the server. We are also looking for staff members, testers and people to promote the server. You can do this on our forum: https://projectgenesismta.boards.net/ (We are using a free forum for now until we see how the server status will be when it will be ready). Before making a request for tester, staff or social management(for the people who want only to promote the server on other mta platforms that has a self-promote channel), please read the models on this link: https://projectgenesismta.boards.net/board/11/recruitment-template STAFF Recruitment: https://projectgenesismta.boards.net/board/12/staff-recruitment Tester Recruitment: https://projectgenesismta.boards.net/board/13/tester-recruitment Social Management Recruitment: https://projectgenesismta.boards.net/board/14/social-management-recruitment Our discord server: https://discord.gg/QZrbYSrZ5y Nationality: Romanian & English
  2. Hello Guys , I'm ScoomaAli From Morocco , Today i want to show you my new project , FiveM Backup In Mta This is a screen from it
  3. looking for a gta online like server where i can make money by doing heists, buying cars and weapons etc etc comment an ip if you know any and thanks!
  4. سلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته هل تتوقعو ممكن بعد فتره يكون فيه اصدار خاص قراند 5 الموضوع للنقاش طبعا ونتمني يسوونه لان فيه برنامج فايف ام قريب جدا لام تي اي
  5. Hey, so i was searching for the best MTA lookalike for GTA V, first i thought it was FiveM but the max slots it has is 32slots, even tho FiveM is better because it easier to make scripts as it uses .lua too, but it doesn't give the experience of MTA, so i found RAGE MP, not only it has +32slots which can get to 2000player slots, but it has freeroams and even local server same as MTA which you can start by server.exe, and here are some SS to show you how it's freeroam looks like, https://imgur.com/a/byBV8 Tell me what do you think
  6. I saw there such topic, but it was so long time ago, in 2014. How about think about It again? Because with your base, knowledges and experience you could make the best alternative (unofficial) multiplayer (client/server) for GTA V as well make it easier for developers to create their own gaming modes (with your tools based on lua scripting). I just hope that maybe you'll think about it, because gta v worth our attention even more than gta sa due to the huge map and incredible graphic features.
  7. في الوقت الحالي عندي مشكلة كبيرة جداً وهي مشكلة الانترنت المهم - هذا المود صراحة ما ادري وش اسميه لكن هو مود بسيط وهو عبارة عن مقدمة للسيرفر بعدها تقدر تسوي اي شي يعني مثلاً لوحة تسجيل او اي شي انت تريده الملفات المفتوحة لك 1- ClientSettings.lua 2- YourClientFile.lua 3- YourServerFile.lua -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() --------------------------------------------- Thumbnails = true -- or true --------------------------------------------- theSong = "song.mp3" --------------------------------------------- TimerC2 = 4 TimerC1 = 2 TimerCstart = 14 -- leave it -- من الافضل ترك هذه --------------------------------------------- --[[ theText1 = "welcome to the game" -- or "" theText2 = "you are now in the server" -- or "" theText3 = "Grand Theft Auto For You" -- or "" theText4 = "game mode by Developer Ahmed" -- or "" --]] theText1 = "" theText2 = "" theText3 = "" theText4 = "" --------------------------------------------- P1 = "P1.png" P2 = "P2.jpg" P3 = "P3.jpg" P4 = "P4.png" px1 = "Px1.png" px2 = "Px2.png" px3 = "Px3.png" px4 = "Px4.png" --------------------------------------------- RockStarIMG = "rocstarLogo.png" ---------------[ Thumbnails ]---------------- A_Thumbnails = 1 ---------------[ Thumbnails ]---------------- PxScrin1X,PxScrin1Z,PxScrin1X2,PxScrin1Z2 = (screenW - 300) / 2, (screenH - 300) / 2, 300, 300 PxScrin2X,PxScrin2Z,PxScrin2X2,PxScrin2Z2 = (screenW - 300) / 2, (screenH - 300) / 2, 300, 300 PxScrin3X,PxScrin3Z,PxScrin3X2,PxScrin3Z2 = (screenW - 300) / 2, (screenH - 300) / 2, 300, 300 PxScrin4X,PxScrin4Z,PxScrin4X2,PxScrin4Z2 = (screenW - 300) / 2, (screenH - 300) / 2, 300, 300 --------------------------------------------- DxFontNum1 = "default-bold" DxFontNum2 = "default-bold" DxFontNum3 = "default-bold" DxFontNum4 = "default-bold" --------------------------------------------- التحميل - اضغط هنا
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