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  1. I've not been posting active but I've checked up. My join date suggests 2004.
  2. StevenlAFl

    Lol, Haxor

    http://files.moddb.com/4023/download-su ... -beta-v10/
  3. StevenlAFl

    Lol, Haxor

    Oh man. I have to have this mod. My god this looks like.. wow. I don't know, was this custom coded JUST for this video? I hope not and that it's an actual mod.
  4. Don't want much do you? This seems like it would require alot of coding. Then again, it depends on how Blue is coded. It does seem like a cool concept. I can just see this turning into more of a disaster though.. "i wana driev i wana driev" But yeah. Teams trying to build to get the driver safe and go to the same checkpoints? That sounds quite excellent. Good thinking. However, what if you have an odd number of players? :-/
  5. StevenlAFl


    How would we even know how they qualify? It'd be better to have a application form and more-over a test of grammar and composition, along with maturity. I can't imagine them letting in complete n00b's who they don't know can be trusted, who give the betas out to their dim-whitted friends, who in turn give it to even dumber idiots, and it's leaked to their entire school district. I'm sorry I went on about that but I think they're doing fine with the system they have.
  6. Well, good luck with that new feature! I'm willing to wait. Better to have a more featured MTA:SA, so that SA-MP will be overwhelmed that you're so much more advanced, instead of releasing alphas and betas, and people getting the wrong impression. SA-MP won't know what hit them.
  7. Yeah, we don't need a VoIP system when we have Ventrilo or Teamspeak.
  8. Yeah, I agree they could be nicer, BUT: there are a bunch of complete idiots out there without any grasp of spelling or grammar, that act like 10-12 years old. I joined in 2004, so I can say I've been around longer than some of the moderators and beta-testers. But that doesn't get me a better rank than anyone.
  9. Look at the developer blog on the main site. Sure they can't give you a percent but look at it and judge for yourself. I CAN tell you they must be almost done.
  10. It wasn't like that, I simply mentioned MTA several times and my post was deleted. I was like 'Well, MTA has so and so.' or comparing the features to someone in the boards that weren't even supposed to be related to SA-MP in general. Also, I didn't mean that they were silent. I mean they silence US about posting anything related to you. Edit: They did it again, my GOD.
  11. Hey. I wanted to congratulate you on your work on MTA. You've always been the best and I love your new MTA:Blue project. I'm looking forward to coding in C++, as I'm sick of having to use SA-MP with pawn (the language the little amaeture kids use). I posted about your new progress on their forums, and it got deleted within 5 seconds. It seems, every time someone even mentions 'MTA' they delete their post. I've talked to a few of the board members and they agree. I noticed here that people mention SA-MP and you don't complain at all. I congratulate you on your work and good luck! I hope you release soon!
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