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  1. We are running CentOS Enterprise 5... Currently testing out an mta dm server at this ip:port
  2. Well since i dont really have the time to fully test a server, i am willing to give away a server to someone with experience so that they can test how well the server runs on my servers, i do not really have experience with mta servers as i currently host sa-mp servers... So theres a free server up for grabs, thought someone would have taken it by now lol add me on msn if your interested... I also recognise you too VCES>Twig right? i remember panther who was from VCES maybe thats how... Although i did used to play MTA under the name GaNgStA if anyone remembers lol i was very known in them days for the wrong reasons lol Anyways if anyones interested contact me asap @Z3RB1AN we do have a dedicated website: http://www.tobiahost.com, Its nearly finished but not quite so you may find missing links etc... We are now 1 year old , you may notice the forum looks dead, but thats because we removed the old forum and updated to vBulletin Regards, Edward Tobia.
  3. Ok guys, time for testing the servers out today get them prepared for sale... In order for me to do this it means i need someone with MTA Deathmatch experience to help me, which results in them getting a FREE SERVER (btw i played MTA since the beginning, most of you wont remember me, just that i stopped playing a while ago but i guess i will start up again ) First person to contact me on msn: [email protected] gets the free server in order for helping me test out the servers so i can get them ready for sale... This person is required to have experience with the new MTA Deathmatch... Hope to speak to you soon! Regards, Edward Tobia.
  4. Glad to hear that there is going to be some demand, im gonna start the testing tomorrow @Awesome-o - Glad to hear that you may be interested, i will definately be launching offers along with the new MTA DM servers so keep your eyes open, first 10 or so customers will have their servers dirt cheap (for life) Keep your eyes open!
  5. My prices would definately be affordable/low cost... I currently have the lowest priced servers for the SA-MP mod Cheaper than GTA-Host! I will not post links to my hosting as i guess it will count as advertising but feel free to contact me privately about it... I am going to look into MTA Deathmatch hosting tonight/tomorrow, i will also set up a test server so everyone can check it out, it will also allow me to see bandwidth/resource usage... Glad you think its a good idea... What do the rest of you guys think? Regards, Edward Tobia.
  6. Hey all This is not advertising so dont worry I just want your opinions, i currently own a hosting company, and i now see that the new preview of MTA Deathmatch is now released... Do you guys think that it would be worth hosting and selling MTA Deathmatch servers? Is there a big interest in them? If so i will start selling, i have powerful UK servers based in London Let me know what you think Regards, Edward Tobia.
  7. lmfao how fake, MTA isnt made in Visual Basic, its coded in C++, n00b
  8. ok guys im GaNgStA, i do not mod or cheat, there have been multiple n00bs using my name to piss people off, so do not get the wrong idea. thats all i got to say, believe me or not.
  9. yo it was BLooD (the script kiddie) that hacked my msn, he come online and threatened to do it again the dick, il show him.....
  10. im sori if i use bad language but i jus tried loggin on my msn and my password had changed, so i changed my password by clicking on 'i 4got my password', i then logged in and my msn contacts had ALL dissapeared, and sum1 changed my name to HACKED MY [MTA] - STOP CHEATING SCUM, even tho i stopped cheating a while back, if this was really done by MTA il b really annoyed GaNgStA
  11. well i want to host a server on my LAN but im not sure what ports to forward lol, iv forwarded the server port but still no1 can connect to it so are there any other ports that need forwarding?? thnx guys
  12. lol well im new to linux d00ds as opium knows lol il try out sum of the stuffs u told me now lol nice 1 guys
  13. i have a computer with LinuxMandrake v10 on it and i downloaded the Linux Server, i double clicked it to execute it but nothing come up do enyone know why??? thnx
  14. well im using a network HUB ( different from a router ) for my LAN so got eny ideas?
  15. how can i set up a server on my lan computer so that ppl from the internet can connect to it? because i have set a server up but only ppl on my LAN can connect to it. thnx guys
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