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  1. A ping kicker option in the control panel would be nice
  2. yes, the vote sistem i can't say its the best... the other day some dude was doing votekick and kicking random people and gametype is the same thing every time somebody starts a vote its changes the gamemode.... i suggest to change the percentage of required yes votes to about 60-80% (don't know how much is set now but seems like 50%) and a way to avoid the votepoll being started 20 times by the same person (like for example you can start the votepoll 3 times and then you have to wait 15min before starting it again) just my opinion!
  3. ok portugal is also accepting any pre matches for next week, just pm me for a match
  4. i personally think that anyone who is helping organise this league shouldnt be able to play anyways the portuguese team will be patolider (me) [uVA]bullit (TLR)morgan (TLR)o.mays sapo and i'm trying to get more people that aren't total noobs
  5. yes portugal will join, just need more time and is it possible to join with less then 10 players? i think that 10 is a bit exagerated if only 5 play
  6. yeah bullit of course u'll be in the team cry baby anyways there aren't much pt players, since the only 2 portuguese servers that ever existed no longer existe so i think that anybody will be welcome on the team lol
  7. I'm sorry but i don't remember any conversation with you, if i'm wrong please remind me i'll be captain if thats what people want
  8. wow nick's offensive!\o/ I perfectly understand you so I leave my suggestion here and I hope it is tooken seriously your chrome shotgun pickup disbalances all the caracters, all ppl will play with is crusader and shotgun pickup and I don't understand how that is better then everybody playing with robber and sailor, not to say about the time waisted on the wars because everybody someone dies he has to /quit so my suggestion is remove chrome shotgun pickup or forbid crusader and allow molly pickups for sailers...hieu don't forget that if you want to keep running your euna poop you have to radically change the way it works
  9. I wish someone would make an mta competition. It'd be fun sometimes limitations need to be made...
  10. nothings wrong with the weapons, they just balance the game a little
  11. chasing a guy in a giant map.. just the idea scares me there is nothing good in spending 15minutes running like a dumbass after a guy.. conclusion: more action/killing and less running = better because we all know that the fun is in killing (by the way: manhunt already existes for mta:vc through mtama scripts)
  12. what would we do if it weren't for oli and his stupid scripts j/k
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