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  1. Snipe3D

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    omgwtfbbq. good news for IyonUK stunt server reunion then.
  2. Snipe3D

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    did stunt mode get ditched in this version, or is it still in there??
  3. That's great news. I loved that server and stunt seems to have lessened in popularity since it left us (possibly coincidence though). I can't access that site though as my ISP uses proxies. The site was moved to http://www.mase-net.co.uk/iyon but http://www.iyoners.tk still works. If you PM me your IP i can exclude you from being blocked, and allow you access to the site.
  4. sorry for bringnig back a month old topic, but i thought some of you would like to know iyonuk is coming back http://www.mase-net.co.uk/iyon or http://www.iyoners.tk
  5. any plans for creating a backend for people to display up to date MTA news on their website...or maybe version status? would be really cool.
  6. The once-popular IYONUK's Stunt Server is having a comeback! Visit their website at http://www.iyoners.tk (sorry for the popup, its the best we have for now..if you dont want the popup, you can go to http://www.mase-net.co.uk/iyon) Register for the reunion ASAP!
  7. if you liked IyonUK's stunt server, its on its way back, not quite in time for christmas. We are setting up at http://www.snipe3d.distributedfire.com/iyon (http://www.iyoners.tk if you dont like the long url) for now, until we get a domain. We are also working on getting a server put together. And yes, we will have admins ready to kick the cheaters sorry...didnt mean to hijack the thread ;(
  8. itll work, but noone will ever recommend you use integrated graphics. Not too much of a bank buster to get a ..say geforce 4 ti4600 or a radeon 9600. nothing more then $130
  9. err thats what i meant chappell, thanks for correcting me. (couldnt think of the correct term for what i was trying to explain )
  10. tex mex hmm...i have no idea what would cause that....maybe just extreme lag or something equally lame.
  11. yep...another thing to look for is port forwarding if you have a switch/router forward port 2003 to your computers address.
  12. yes it does happen on every server, and if they have a idle script it usually says "player being kicked for being idle" before it kicks you, or something like that..?
  13. If im not in game, as in im just sitting with MTA running, with the chat window thing up, ill get disconnected consistently every few minutes. If im in game, i extremely rarely get disconnected. Why do I get disconnected when i dont have vice city running?
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