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  1. Np. So, could you please, show me the right way to implement such lights: with 'native lights' etc. Thx.
  2. What did you mean by 'vehicle light natives'?
  3. var_dump performs only one-way conversion. Moreover, its implemented as lua script and performance should be low.
  4. I found toJSON/fromJSON functions https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/ToJSON upd. Oh no! It cannot handle integer indexes in tables!!!
  5. I have made several updates for Stage. 1. Fixed problem with the huge scenes: no more *NETWORK TROUBLE* when attempting to record and save a lot of actors. 2. Also saving huge scenes is also supported now (but it takes a lot of time - few minutes So keep count of KeyFrames lower than 15000 (instead of 2000 for earlier versions) 3. Added Emerlights resource support. (desc https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=44652) Demo video:
  6. I made resource for adding an emergency lighting to custom vehicles, because some times it needs for movie making. Also I found that built-in lights are not visible in the daytime. So my implementation is brighter, and maybe more cinematic You can customize lights for every vehicle model. There are 2 lamp style: 'rotating' light and flashing 'led' mode. Demo video: This resource is compitable with Stage 1.5, and so on. Also it can be used without Stage. Usage: Default key for lights enable - B key. (re-bindable in MTA settings) You can enable/disable emerlights for custom vehicle in your resource: setElementData( theVehicle, "emerlights_enabled", "true" ) or "false" (if element data is not set - emerlights is enabled by default) How to add custom vehicles/lights: 1. open client.lua 2. find car_lights_table table and add or replace row (example inside) [vehicle_model_ID] = { ["mode"]="led" or "lamp" , = { light offset, light color, light size, phase offset (belong to [0;10]) } } Known issues: some times lights may not appear due known MTA bug with corona: http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=5147 there are only 32 lights are visible at same time (due MTA limits) Download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=5030
  7. I wondered about serialization a huge tables. And it would be great if MTA would have built-in serialization functions for lua tables, because serialization by lua script is too slow (exceeds execution time limit). There are several implementations in C++ described here: http://lua-users.org/wiki/TableSerialization There are only 2 functions are needed: string serialize(table) and table unserialize(string) Thx!
  8. Thx for reply! No database is not suitable for me, because data is not aligned well (its not a table actually). Also it needs to frequently offline copy to another pc.
  9. I would like to save VERY big lua table into a file. And read back it again. Now i'm doing it like this: 1. Serialize table into text string with lua syntax 2. Write text string into a file For table restore I use execution of serialized string, so its restored by self and much more faster than serialization procedure. All operations are performed by server. But then table is very large serialization procedure takes a looong time, and exceeds execution time limits. I have a several questions. 1) Is it possible to store binary data in Lua (I cant find this information)? 2) Is the more efficient way to store table in file exist? 3) Can I write resource module in C++ ( as binary module) with speeded-up serialization? 4) When I'm using co-routines in Lua the new thread is not executes in parallel with main thread. I have implemented suspend-resume mechanism but with it function executes for a several minutes (more than 3 min) and that's not good. So is it possible to increase execution time limits using Lua? 5) Is it possible to later builds of MTA built-in serialization function written in low-level c++ code? There are a lot of implementations of serialization for lua: [urlhttp://lua-users.org/wiki/TableSerialization][/url] Lua versions are too slow. But I can't use c++ for resource.
  10. Cant stop watching this video
  11. First of all you should choose animation for binding to key in freeroam menu (F1->anim). Then start animation by double clicking on animation name. After this press '=' key and then numeric key '2'-'9' for binding. Then press '-' for stop current animation and numeric key again for bind testing. You can apply animation while record using that hotkeys ('2' to '9') and stop it by pressing '-' key.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm back. And I made a little update for Stage: now it can use emergency lights from emerlights resource. I checked if ped sync bugs (like shooting into nowhere and wrong rotation, teleport into vehicle) are fixed. But they are present in MTA 1.3.0 too. It has been 2 years ago and it is present now. This is sad.
  13. Hi! Vehicles should be placed once in MAP editor and then this map is used for the scene reset.
  14. vovo4ka

    MTA for GTA IV

    I believe that developing MTA:SA not actual more. Yes it is sad that many ideas are not implemented in SA. But SA is too old. Terrible graphic, weak physic.. You need to start developing MTA for IV and stop it for SA. imho.
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