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    Plaiing vice city!

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  1. woh do i create sigs? Wath do i need? Where do i get it?
  2. Nasgul


    who do i create sigs? Wath do i need? Where do i get it?
  3. Nasgul


    IS it the same VC img tool then the gta3?
  4. Nasgul

    Saved games?

    I've downloaded a seved game and i dont know where to put it. Help please.
  5. If i want to do the car change i have to klik in wath files to make reading onli?
  6. I cant find the : gta.img and gta3.dir files on models!!! WTF?
  7. woh abaut if i download the version 0.4, woldent that work? The prob is that i dont know the link Can you give it to me (the link) were i automaticly make the download!
  8. 20 views and not a single reply???
  9. Ween i connect to a server and i klik on "start game" it apears a window with te title "run game" wath do i do? And sorry mi inglish! Portuguese! Stay well (cool)
  10. HI people, sorry my inglish but i'm a portuguese... People were do i get the version 0.3 of mtavc, i already tryed to go to the irc but i can't! This is very important to me, please help me!!! Tank you very much!
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