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  1. @JustinMTA i was found name of wheel textures but i can't found name of vehicle body can u help me more ?
  2. its working but i want to replace textures on custom vehicles such as Lamborghini and more ...
  3. can you help me ? i don't have any ideas please give me an example
  4. hi guys can i add custom paintjob on custom vehicles ? i saw that in some servers but i don't have any ideas to write this script
  5. hi everyone i want write an script to spawn vehicles at a side , for example right side. but i got confused anybody can help me ?
  6. nCash = 150 addEventHandler("onPlayerChat",function(message) cancelEvent() if tonumber(getPlayerMoney(source)) >= nCash then takePlayerMoney(source,nCash) outputChatBox("-$"..nCash.."",source) for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do outputChatBox(""..getPlayerName(source)..": "..message.."",v) end else outputChatBox("You can't send message",source) end end) @nameforthisforum
  7. hi guys i was write a vehicle speed limiter using setVehicleHandling , but its not very good and accurate! i need some functions or ideas to make a new script with high accuracy.
  8. dear @ANONY0707 According to rules of the forum , you must speak English in this section! Good luck
  9. i can't understand you mean , please explain more if you want resize a blip , you need to write a customize size system for your radar
  10. tell your players install HTML Debugger maybe your problem will be solved
  11. it's impossible to decompile scripts or translate/edit compiled scripts but you can search and download scripts you need from https://community.multitheftauto.com/
  12. @SuperHeroYT hello ask your question in english, we will help you as soon! Good luck
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