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  1. Got it (Mersi) In caz de o sa mai am nevoie de ajutor o sa te mai contactez daca nu te deranjeaza chiar sunt surprins de cate chestii poti face pe acest client
  2. Yes, i got it, thank you bro btw the peoples from this forum are really great and friendly and i'm glad to see that!
  3. like this: local data = dbPoll("your data to be returned using normal MySQL"); for i,v in ipairs(data) do player_variable = v["var_name_in_db"] end or for i,v in ipairs(data) do skin = v["var_name_in_db"] end I don't know if you understand what i want to say, i don't have a good english.
  4. Ok, but how can i assign the data from mysql to a player variable ?
  5. Va multumesc! Deja m-am apucat sa invat si sincer imi pare rau ca nu am aflat mai devreme de acest client...
  6. Hello how can i load data from MySQL to a player variable ? i searched on google and i didn't found anything to help me
  7. ok thank you, i will watch again at element tree on wiki page. (sorry for my eng)
  8. Some images of my code: https://imgur.com/a/NBGSEQK Console error: https://imgur.com/a/YA6uKIL What is wrong with that code?
  9. Thank you! Have a good day.
  10. Hello, MTA SA Community, i am a really good PAWN DEVELOPER and recently i found this client, i love it because there are not so more limits like in SA-MP, but i have a question, should i learn LUA or is more useful to learn PAWN because is a C-like language or doesn't matter ?
  11. Salut MTA SA Romania, sunt un PAWN Developer si am descoperit destul de recent MTA-ul si sunt foarte surprins de cate chestii se pot face pe acest client, doar ca, am o mica intrebare, merita sa ma apuc sa invat LUA si sa termin cu SAMP-ul odata pentru totdeauna? LUA ma poate incurca cand o sa invat C++ la liceu? (is clasa a 8 a xD) Va multumesc anticipat pentru pareri.
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