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  1. Estou com um problema de que meu server de MTA está com 1.17GB mesmo meus resources tendo por volta dos 650mb, os outros 600mb vem do resource-cache, alguém sabe como arrumar isso? já tentei apagar o resource-cache mas ele sempre volta pesando o servidor
  2. Wdym? I'm sure it's only this files that is giving error.
  3. It's always giving this error, causing the download to be very slow. Someone can help me?
  4. Can you change my server name in toplist? I dont remember to change before the toplist and now the server name is very horrible. https://prnt.sc/sadq4z The certain name is --- 《 BR 》 ❉ BRASIL INSANITY CITY ❉ 【 FIVEM 100% 】 ➟REALISTA 【 ICRP-CITY 】
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