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  1. well, i was playing in the Official MTA Server and nobody VCAs there ill back to ULK, and if you want Bump, i can be an VCA Honorary greetings.
  2. cool.... now, im the only one dead in VCA i dont like GTA 3 Vice City Pwns if i dont see any VCA Playing today (sunday) in the MTA Official Server GTA:VC ill quit.
  3. Im back after some school partys and.... WTF! VCA its dead or something? i cant see VCAs playing ¬_¬ i need some wars and Fun if VCA still almost DEAD ill quit so...... im not spamming
  4. Yes, i have GTA 3 i can play with the [VCA]Tag Now???
  5. [VCA] i wanna join to VCA [VCA]L.M.D.J. i like it!!!
  6. Hey sub zero, i mean, DeathB i knew u was another player! an ULK maybe and yes, now we know that that guy was you, well, IM HERE TO SAY THAT WE KNOW THAT MAC WASNT CHEATING, I KILLED HIM and the others did too, u killed him too so dont come here saying that he was loosing just 1 health bar every shoot! cus then u are a dessesperated guy making things up!! cya this is deathb
  7. Hey DeathB, remember me? yes i was trying to join your clan (ULK) i killed you 7 times man, maybe 10 times!!! and then u called me a cheater?? who the hell you think you are?? the untochable?the MTA godfather or what the hell?!! that video shows NOTHING, get it? nothing!! that guy was suffering a lag or something like that,i've seen that before,still i dont think Mac 10 was cheating, just grow up PD. Bitch DeathB & L_M_D_J
  8. I have a question??? why I can't enter to play online??? I'm banned and I need to know why. and I'm so sorry I don't know that was prohibited to put directions of other servers of MTA thaks and greetings
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