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  1. i know a teleporter just go to the airport and go on your bike to the the nearest airplain than one close to the jump just go fast and ride under the airplain PLOP now your close the the mr. whooper car
  2. hehe the song what is the name of the song???
  3. it doesn't work i cant log in
  4. he people i made a movie but i must have to upload it can someone help me??thnx
  5. nederland rulezz (ik dus ok)but you must have to talk english here
  6. i cant see avi movies plzz make a picture
  7. if you want fraps full version download it on the site *removed* just type fraps en pres shearch and there you are sorry for my bad english im dutch you know rebel this topic can be closed now
  8. how do you get so high whit 1 explosion
  9. why dont i see the word 'replay'???? sorry for my bad english
  10. it is the shopping cart song i have that song its THE SHOPING CART SONG
  11. the name of the song is shopping cart song its from CKY or jackass
  12. how do you do the explosions the are very cool
  13. da king*


    do anyone know were to download a good crack for MTA0.3r2 so you can use skins an all that aother stuff
  14. do you have fraps full version i have got the demo but then there is demo on the screen
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