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  1. Is there any chance when i aim my sniper it's automatically in full zoom? Also is it possible to use sniper scope by double clicking only on r mouse?
  2. Here it is bro... Take a look at here. https://imgur.com/a/TWmdh7t Here take a loook..... ?????? https://imgur.com/a/TWmdh7t https://imgur.com/a/Ju9GdxM
  3. I start running a dayz server, i add more weapons on it... All works fine except the snipers.... https://m.imgur.com/a/aZvvU the photo not minee but the same problem.
  4. I would understand if u tell each purposee.
  5. So you mean... The one u sent contains bad intention??
  6. I have the same problem too man.... Do you fix it now?
  7. Like this code i am looking for... Can you help me how to place ur code on majqq code?
  8. How to download the resources?
  9. Hi good evening,goodmorning, can someone teach me how to spawn a player with airplane like PUBG Style? I owned DAYZ GM and i wanted the player to spawn with airplane like PUBG?
  10. Teach me everything you know man
  11. Does any of you here have likes this? I want to add this on my dayz gm... http://imgur.com/iAoUqty
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