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  1. https://community.multitheftauto.com/?p=gallery&s=preview&id=18367 Leak (Compiled) ANSWER: Please add more information into your report, such as: which leak we are talking about (or where it was stolen from) and as a quick look doesn't point us to a leak known by us, you'll need to provide evidence that it doesn't belong to the uploader as well.
  2. how to setVehicleDamageProof false to all vehicle ? i cant to create this Please Help me Guys !
  3. can you give me a code ? ?
  4. Hello Guys ! i want to create Role Play Server ! how false Damage Vehicle When someone does not ride a car! and when Player Driving Car [ Not Jacker ! ] Vehicle Damage is true ! please Help Me.
  5. Hello Guys ! i want to make Role Play Server and i dont have a Level System [ Have Respecet To Level Up ] And Faction System For Factions [ /f /setfskin /fwarn /invite /uninvite ] And Dealership System please Help me Guys ! ?
  6. Arlixx

    Level System

    bebin trokhoda :| harja adam mire irani hast :| khodaya base dg
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