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  1. Is It Possible that this script attack only Logged in players ?
  2. SkiZo

    Weapons Textures

    Sorry @Patrick2562 i did not get it .. can u give me exemple or something ? i tried custom weapons but did not work
  3. Hello, I'm Asking if there a solution to put 2 skins in one gun .. i mean If i'm A player i can have a simple M16.. If i'm VIP i see a Golden Gun or something ... solutions ?
  4. SkiZo


    Thank You That Worked
  5. SkiZo


    Hello, i need some help.. i made some edit in players tags.. outputChatBox("|SWAT| ["..Rank.."] #00ff00" .. getPlayerName ( source ) .. " #0000FF:#ffFFff " .. text, getRootElement(), 000, 128, 192, true ) well it's work actually but i have about 3 ranks .. let's say Sinour and Juniour .. Sniour is Yellow and the other Orange .. how can i change the color of "rank" without putting a #hexcolor before it ( because it will give one color ) Thanks
  6. Holaa Legend soy alv3211 :v es que no me carga el server dice Error de descarga tiempo de espera agotado y me pone algo de voice y parachute nose brooo, entro carga algo despues aparece una parte del server dice holywood y ahi aparece otra cosa de carga y no carga ni nada ayuda broo

  7. I already discovered that but did not find wich function drawing the names !
  8. Hello, i'm looking for a solution to hide my name from scoreboard! it maybe use serial or account name! there is any solution ?!
  9. I did not understand what you want to say exactly.
  10. SkiZo

  11. SkiZo


    Thank god someone replie :,v FPS Limite : 60
  12. SkiZo


    Hello ? MTA TEAM ? anyone i can't know why it's getting lagged
  13. SkiZo


    Hello, I Have Problem in my server that when players join... etc and start playing .. most of them get low FPS .. From 40 to 30 etc ... i noticed that too.. i was think from my computer so i ignore it but all say same things .. what ever.... i updated my VPS from 2 GB ram to 4 RAM ... still same problem .. ( at 1st it was use 90% ram that's why i update .. was not from Server at the end . ) i Opened 'InGame Performenance Browser' and taked those screenshots .. i hope they help me to Fix the Low FPS! I need help ! ...
  14. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=11623 it damaged my server and close it Damaged script There's no malicious code or backdoors, it is insecure tho
  15. SkiZo


    Still not working i mean how can i locate the target ? .. ( got nil )
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