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  1. Hey, for all those "i want to have a Server but i dont got the budget for it" people, we opened our new Gameserver, Rootserver, Voice and Streamserver Hosting Service. Our Servers are located in Germany, Frankfurt. Why choose us * Excellent uptime * Quad-Core Server * Backup Server * Uninterruptible Power Supply`s * Cluster network * Log System * Low pings Multi Theft Auto Gameserver » 10.000 MB Mapspace » Full FTP-Access » Full Rcon-Access » no Trafficlimit » optimized Gameserver-Kernel » customer-friendly Webinterface » easy Plugin-Installation » No Installation costs Support » free Support via IRC » 24 / 7 Support http://www.gs4you.de Regards Gs4You.de
  2. Ofc im going to steal your 1337 lamo Script for uploading it at http://community.mtasa.com/ because im hosting it on my machine. 1. Im not hosting the Server on my Machine 2. Anyone can steal your Script even if the Owner got a Website
  3. Great News any Information about the CPU, RAM and Traffic Usage when the 1.1 Server reached ~100-200 Players ?
  4. Simple question, does the Array Profil_Data exists ? And what do you exactly mean by canceling the event ? The debugscript should print a message if the Array cannot be filled, with your Parameter.
  5. You must be joking. I've never seen spammer who spammed that fast as a Mta /bind User. It would be a great feature adding this functionality.
  6. Okay it seems to work now... Your UDP Port throughs a exception for some reason, so i´ve added a portcheck routine. Here you go and nice pictures... http://irace-team.net/Forum/Stats/Serve ... m&SIZE=BIG http://irace-team.net/Forum/Stats/Serve ... m&SIZE=BIG
  7. Hello Gothem, ive added your Signature but it seems like your UDP Port is closed for some reason. I noticed that Game-Monitor.com cant evaluate your Playerlist, while others got a Playerlist with Score, etc. got them. Please check your Port and your mtaserver.conf, ive tryed to talk to some MTA devs but it seems that those who would like to help me, got no idea, why Game-Monitor can use the Socket Connection to receive Informations about the Amount of the Players / Map / Gamename, while any other methode doesn't return a value. And i cant really appreciate why your Serverplayers does not appears at Gamemonitor. Maybe its a other Port but its not 22003 + 123 who Game-Monitor.com is receiving the Informations. Its working with other Servers, maybe some Dev could explain me/us why the additional UDP Port is closed (Firewall ?) but IF something is really blocking the Connection, why Game-Monitor gets packets ? Here`s your Signature (with a Default Server IP): http://irace-team.net/Forum/Stats/Serve ... m&SIZE=BIG http://irace-team.net/Forum/Stats/Serve ... m&SIZE=BIG
  8. Thx Mondim and diegofkda * Added your Picture View: http://irace-team.net/Forum/Stats/Serve ... e&SIZE=BIG
  9. Hello Guys, since i don´t like Gamemonitors Defaults Pictures for Mta i thought about creating a little Serverviewer-Service. So if someone likes it, he can use it. Here you go... Big (309x97): Small (350 x 15): When i got time im going to add small Signatures and a Html Version (like Gamemonitor) with a Graph and Scores of any Player. http://irace-team.net/Forum/Stats/Servermonitor IP=Hostname / IP-Adress PORT=UDP Serverport (Standard = 22126) IMG=1 - 9999 URL=The Siteurl SIZE=BIG / SMALL Servermonitor.php?IP=SERVERIP&PORT=SERVERPORT&IMG=NUMERICVALUE&URL=YOURSITEURL&SIZEBIG I would be happy if someone could contribute some pictures, (png, with / without transparency, 309x97 / 350x15) Gz
  10. It depends, some functions have been changed in 1.1, but for the most part they'll probably work or just require some minor fixes. The wiki details changed functions. so the parser is going to inform us (mtaserver shell), if he finds expired functions and does the upgrade command works for 1.X clientside functions as well ? gz and nice job
  11. I can confirm this Bug, it happend several times in one of my DM Maps. It seems that onMarkerHit does not check the Coordinates, it also happends in the Los Santos Police Department Garage, which seems like a Interior in the ''real world''. Markers inside of the Garage (northwest side) does not exists for onMarkerHit.
  12. Then show us your function...
  13. Theres a big Download Button @the Mainpage. IF you mean the Visual Studio i also got Problems with installing it. Keep it up, good work
  14. Yes sure why not. Do you mean the Satelite Map ?
  15. Thanks guys Yes sure, i allways love a helping hand
  16. Hi Guys, i want to present my little IDE for Lua. My old Editor Project File was messed when i changed from C# 2008 to C# 2010 and i decided to create something more userfriendly for all those Lua beginners out there. Its 100 % Selfmade, i dont use prefabricated Classes for the Lua Syntax/Editor etc. Thats the Reason why my IDE works with less speed that the other ones, but this one gonna run on other Machines like Ubuntu/Mac also. Preview: http://i49.tinypic.com/sb6fxd.png Its almost finished but my Problem is that the Visual Studio 2010 can´t find my Resource Designer.resx, its messing up with any included File, like the luac5.1.exe and it got Problems to handle some Classes like my public get(); set(); Variables for saving the Path of the Files. So i need to head back to C# 2008 but I think it can be released this week. Im actually making a Video and yeah sorry for my lame-o english - Jason *with Selfmade Pictures
  17. I think this have something to do with the acl.xml Stylesheet. Check if it exists (it should be in the same Folder like the mtaserver.config).
  18. Hi Guys, i got a running Root-Server on my Debian Root and yeah im actually not using it ~lots of work. So if anybody needs a fast Gameserver with a great Bandwith and 99 % Uptime, contact me. * Start/Stop/Restart Buttons via Webmin * Linux Firewall - Iptables * 1 x MySQL Database * 100 MB Webspace * Access via Putty * FTP Access * Location Germany - Frankfurt X-fire: jasongregorygt Icq: 403-124-872 Msn: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Prices: 4 € - 32 Slots* 10 € - 100 Slots Support: You need help ? 24/7 Support @ [email protected] * Without Webspace
  19. I hope i can You should use DirectX Pictures because its difficult moving GUI Images. This example should work. And btw. you should work with guiSetPosition instead of setElementPosition /movepic local k1= {} k1["xPos"] = 0 -- Startposition of the Picture k1["EventAdded"] = 0 k1["Picspeed"] = 1 -- The Speed of the Moving Picture k1["Picture"] = "winner.png" -- Filename k1["screenWidth"], k1["screenHeight"] = guiGetScreenSize() function moveClientImage(filename) if k1["EventAdded"] == 0 then addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", getRootElement(), moveClientImage ) k1["EventAdded"] = 1 end k1["xPos"] = k1["xPos"] + k1["Picspeed"] k1["image"] = dxDrawImage( k1["xPos"], 544, 500, 100, filename ) if k1["xPos"] > k1["screenWidth"] then k1["xPos"] = 0 k1["EventAdded"] = 0 removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", getRootElement(), moveClientImage ) end end function cmdMoveClientImage(cmd, speed) if speed then if tonumber(speed) > 0 then k1["Picspeed"] = tonumber(speed) else return outputChatBox("Please use a Speed over 0. Syntax: /movepic ") end end outputChatBox("Moving Picture '"..k1["Picture"].."' with "..speed.."/Frame per Second !") moveClientImage(k1["Picture"]) end addCommandHandler("movepic", cmdMoveClientImage) kevin11 stop talking bull sh it you f*cking nolifer
  20. Jason_Gregory


    ..i am your father
  21. Why should he use Wine ? I got a 64 Bit Debian Root aswel and it runs with the precompiled Linux Server Package. // Ah okay the Mta-Client i thought he was talking about the Server, the Client also runs under Wine for me. Could you post a Screenshot ?
  22. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/memberl ... le&u=46434 for posting straight & useless bull-shit for pushing his Postcount.
  23. no problem, and remember to start to learn!!! this guy helped me too Kevin11 stop spamming the whole topic. I still wonder why youre not banned anyway. He can use outPutChatbox Clientside as well
  24. I got a real job, even if you clean the toiletts for Mc Donalds your salary should be better than 10 € / 2 - 3 Hours writing this Resource
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