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  1. Check in console for errors and fix them
  2. increasing price for top list system will be help full!
  3. If you are a basic developer then suggest you to check for free RPG resources which has been leaked at YouTube & there are some websites which provided free resources!if you can't find it let me know I will forward you all RPG resources for free!
  4. Pirates hosting is officially closing there free services thanks everyone who supported pH.xyz Request staffs to close this thread thank you
  5. Why don't u use free source panel like open game panel which is free and easy to use? U can install many gamservers using ogp
  6. That may be problem of your vps provider or your vps try to contact with them
  7. Hello guys ph is giving premium mta sa server for free visit here and apply for premium server before the giveaway end apply for new giveaway https://forum.pirateshosting.xyz/thread-1317.html
  8. Website and forum is back pls check the website and forum of piratehosting if anyone intreset thank you
  9. Website is down it will be back again in some couple days but game servers ate working fine I will inform once website ,forum ,game panel will be online again
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