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  1. Oh damn! All just that we need is 900° steering wheel and first person view!!
  2. Hi, aCr! Discord Invitation updated ! Thank so much for your reply, I've updated some scripts, map, skin, Thank so much and please stand by!
  3. Awesome! Looks so perfect and professional! I will play it later! For sure, sir!
  4. Maybe with FPV looks better.
  5. waoowoawaowoaowaaaaaaaaooo!! Alpha server!!! I can't right now! I'm working! :O this :~ I hope play it as soon as I can! I love you, bro!!!!!! Regards from México!!!
  6. Hey Dude! Good project! I'm Working on my "The Division Project" too. Good luck!
  7. Hey guy, can you help me with my Server project? I would like make something like a "The division" Game.
  8. Hey, dude! Awesome, really looks like my dreams! I would like support paying the host or something like that. please let me know if you need something.
  9. Welcome Server Status- This is my first server and I had working on it since 6 moths ago, actually the map it's 60% completed, I'm working on char custom and I would like add weapon custom too but just I'am begginer scripter but I'll try. The sever it's not running but I hope that this months will able. Description- he server will count as I mentioned before, customizable characters, level system, customizable weapons, vip system, bots, safe zones, for now the map is only available in a small part of Grove street as the number of users grows , You will be disrobing more areas to explore more areas and look for prizes. For now I do not have much to say because I am new to this and I would just like to know if they have any advice or any questions, Thanks. UPDATES! HUD UPDATED! UDAPTE 8/27/207 Hi, guys! New Map updated, dodge system, walkstyle. JOIN US TO DISCORD : https://discord.gg/uTHzgKK
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