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  1. if u are using the DayZ gamemode replace what i said and then go in meta.xml and search for name=[Your GM name]
  2. --[[prefix = "Your gamemode name | " addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() if getResourceName(source):sub(1, #prefix) == prefix then else cancelEvent(true, "Incorrect name prefix - Expected '"..prefix.."', got '"..getResourceName(source):sub(1, #prefix).."'") end end )]]-- just mark the lines with --
  3. lonew000lf

    Server issue

    go to mtaserver.conf and search for httpdownloadurl and replace it <httpdownloadurl></httpdownloadurl>
  4. In game : /add admin [your nick]
  5. delete the internal.db and restart dayz.
  6. function kill (source) setElementData ( source, "blood", -10 ) end addCommandHandler ( "kill", kill )
  7. Check this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DAYZWINTER?ref ... page_panel I sell the map for money/scripts.
  8. Try this, replace the names. addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() if getVersion ().sortable < "1.1.0" then outputChatBox( "resource wont work on this client." ) return end texShader = dxCreateShader ( "effects.fx" ) siteM16 = dxCreateTexture("hud/siteM16.png") dxSetShaderValue(texShader,"gTexture",siteM16) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(texShader,"siteM16") end )
  9. you can try the 0.7b dayz version. is decompiled and works great just google it
  10. Hey i can help u without a resource. You just need to dont spawn/destroy cars from the panel bcz if u do you will do a bug for the internal.You can remove this from acl to be sure u dont do that. <right name="command.destroyvehicle" access="true"></right> <right name="command.givevehicle" access="true"></right>
  11. try to change the name of the server and give admin in acl to resource DayZ or change your dayz version <object name="resource.DayZ"></object> <object name="resource.login"></object> <object name="resource.slothbot"></object>
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