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  1. Lets say I have a lua file and I copy its content using file functions. Now how can I run that code for a specific client I want from the variable in which the string is saved ( the code of that file).
  2. can triggerEvent be used client sided to trigger a client sided event on a different client than the client where the triggerEvent was used?
  3. You can use:- interpolateBetween The examples are good to understand how it works.
  4. Not Working, now the GUI is also not opening.
  5. Here are the scripts:- The label doesn't shows the rank and deliveries. Server:- function bindRankInfo(player) local accountPlayer = getPlayerAccount(player) local rank = getAccountData(accountPlayer, "Rank") if (rank) then else setAccountData(accountPlayer, "Rank", "Novice") end local deliveries = getAccountData(accountPlayer, "deliveries") if (deliveries) then else setAccountData(accountPlayer, "deliveries", "0") end local team = getPlayerTeam(player) local teamName = getTeamName(team) if ( teamName == "Freight") then triggerClientEvent("rankShow", player, deliveries, rank) end end function binding() bindKey(source,"F5", "up", bindRankInfo) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), binding) Client :- function jobRankInfo(arg1, arg2) guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[2], not guiGetVisible(GUIEditor.window[2])) guiSetText(GUIEditor.label[1], "Your Current Deliveries are :-"..arg1.." You Rank:-"..arg2) guiSetInputEnabled(not guiGetInputEnabled) showCursor ( not isCursorShowing ()) end addEvent("rankShow", true) addEventHandler("rankShow", getRootElement(), jobRankInfo)
  6. Thanks Soldsnake14, I didn't knew about that. Thanks Mr.Pres[T]ege, it worked.
  7. I defined it in the server side script to create the ped
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