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  1. Hello, i have been using mtasa for a while, but this week suddenly whenever i try to play mtasa, it's really slow (less than 5 FPS), and i'm really sure it's not related to my specs (Ryzen 7 & RX580) MTADIAG: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/169066409 Thanks in advance to anyone that could help me with this issue.
  2. Added it to GitHub => https://github.com/samt2497/mta-holoscreen
  3. Hello, im actually developing some holoscreens for MTA, in more detail these are screens floating around everywhere you want in the 3d world of GTA. The main features are: -Can be placed anywhere as a simple element. -Are only rendered when you want and if they are on the screen. -You can interact with them pointing with your gun, aiming or just looking at them (it's a setting value), it outputs x,y of pointer.. -Can be rotated. -Are lightweight, they will run on any PC and they do not use heavy functions like processLine or etc... They just use simple maths.. An example image.. AND YES IT WILL BE FULLY OPEN SOURCE..
  4. Hi everyone, just made a new tool, pure javascript! You can remove your duplicated objects or remove objets under a Zlimit. Usefull if a mapper copies objets and then forget to move it.... or just these weird mappers that puts objects under the sea.. currently 2 settings: -Accuracy: This is how much decimals will be used for comparision. -Remove elements below: This will remove all objects under X posZ How to use: -Go to webpage -Drop your map file in the "Drop Map file here!" -Adjust your settings -click analyse -WAIT -View or just download it ENJOY IT http://xlatino.net/dev/map_antidupes/
  5. una ayudita function usaSniper(player) player = player and isElement(player) and player or getLocalPlayer() if getPedWeapon(player) == 34 and isPedDoingTask(player,"TASK_SIMPLE_USE_GUN") then return true end return false end
  6. samt2497


    Hola plate te indico que ese 300 y el 400 no indican la velocidad, solamente son codigos que indican que configuracion por asi decirtelo debe tener el arma y el flag 0x000300 no es valido.
  7. para hacer un toggle if player ~= g_Me or togglemitag then setPlayerNametagShowing ( player, false ) if not nametags[player] then nametag.create ( player ) end end
  8. samt2497


    Wiki => http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetWeaponProperty setWeaponProperty ( 27,"pro", "flags", 0x000400 ) Ejemplo esto hara que tu Spaz dispare muy rapido (si tu stat en combat shotgun es de pro)
  9. busca este trozo del script if player ~= g_Me then setPlayerNametagShowing ( player, false ) if not nametags[player] then nametag.create ( player ) end end cambialo por setPlayerNametagShowing ( player, false ) if not nametags[player] then nametag.create ( player ) end
  10. Hola, recientemente fue que vi un pequeño batch sencillo para mantener el servidor online aqui les proporciono uno mas completico para los curiosos que ademas de mantener el servidor on guarda registro de cuando se apago y clasifica los logs por fecha... Solo para windows! @ECHO OFF TITLE SXRestarter MTA-SA by samt2497 SET opcion_logs=1 SET logmta=mods\deathmatch\logs\server.log SET freinicios=reinicios.log SET server="MTA Server.exe" SET conteo=0 IF NOT EXIST %server% ( COLOR 0C ECHO %server% no encontrado ECHO Presione cualquier tecla para reintentar PAUSE > NUL GOTO EOF ) :START CLS & ECHO. SET hh=%time:~0,2% IF %hh% LSS 10 SET hh=0%time:~1,1% SET msg=[%date%][%hh%:%time:~3,5%] Server IF %conteo% EQU 0 (SET msg=%msg% iniciado.) ELSE SET msg=%msg% reiniciado [%conteo%x]. ECHO %msg% & ECHO %msg%>> %freinicios% SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=:,.-/ " %%i in ('echo %time%') do ( set 'hh'=%%i set 'mm'=%%j set 'ss'=%%k set 'ff'=%%l) ENDLOCAL & SET v_Hour=%'hh'%& SET v_Minute=%'mm'%& SET v_Second=%'ss'%& SET v_Fraction=%'ff'% set timestring=%V_Hour%%V_Minute%%v_Second% set v_day= set v_month= set v_year= SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS if "%date%A" LSS "A" (set toks=1-3) else (set toks=2-4) for /f "tokens=2-4 delims=(-)" %%a in ('echo:^|date') do ( if "%%a" GEQ "A" ( for /f "tokens=%toks% delims=.-/ " %%i in ('date/t') do ( set '%%a'=%%i set '%%b'=%%j set 'yy'=%%k ) ) ) if %'yy'% LSS 100 set 'yy'=20%'yy'% set Today=%'yy'%-%'mm'%-%'dd'% ENDLOCAL & SET v_year=%'yy'%& SET v_month=%'mm'%& SET v_day=%'dd'% set datestring=%V_Year%%V_Month%%V_Day% if %V_Month%==01 set MN=Enermo if %V_Month%==02 set MN=Febrero if %V_Month%==03 set MN=Marzo if %V_Month%==04 set MN=Abril if %V_Month%==05 set MN=Mayo if %V_Month%==06 set MN=Junio if %V_Month%==07 set MN=Julio if %V_Month%==08 set MN=Agosto if %V_Month%==09 set MN=Septiembre if %V_Month%==10 set MN=Octubre if %V_Month%==11 set MN=Noviembre if %V_Month%==12 set MN=Diciembre echo %datestring% Set savename=%V_Hour%hours_%V_Minute%minutes IF NOT EXIST logs MD logs IF NOT EXIST logs\%V_Year% MD logs\%V_Year% IF NOT EXIST logs\%V_Year%\%MN% MD logs\%V_Year%\%MN% IF NOT EXIST logs\%V_Year%\%MN%\%V_Day% MD logs\%V_Year%\%MN%\%V_Day% IF %opcion_logs% EQU 1 ( ECHO %msg%>> logs\%V_Year%\%MN%\%V_Day%\%savename%.log TYPE %logmta%>> logs\%V_Year%\%MN%\%V_Day%\%savename%.log FOR /L %%i IN (1,1,4) DO ECHO.>> logs\%V_Year%\%MN%\%V_Day%\%savename%.log DEL %logmta% ) GOTO NEXT :NEXT SET /A conteo+=1 CALL %server% GOTO START :EOF
  11. Pense que el Host tenia proteccion, lo que me lleva a una duda, sirve esto con servidores Linux o es mas seguro ese SO? @dell001 creo que eso no es un DDoS, y si lo habia visto, ademas de que si el quiere abrir un servidor y aprender Scripting creo que es para dejar de boludear como el (con respeto) Hijo de la grandisimas mil putas que es.... Mis servidores estan en Windows Server 2008 R2, pero aun asi el trafico que genera el DDoS impacta un poco, sin embargo tengo sus ip bloqueadas.
  12. Este chico ha intentando varios ataques DDoS contra mi server Resident Evil, y tengo informado que lo ha intentado con otros.
  13. mi nitro no usa triggers ni timers..
  14. Due MTA Limitations it is not currently possible to edit ZIPs, my resource for the moments support folders totally
  15. Updated to 0.3.7: File System added and media player, the lag when loading resource list was fixed
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