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  1. better select any moderator for this URDU section fast....which is skilled, mature, and good enough to handle this job ! it's a request to do it as fast as possible. (yaar, mta team moderator bana hi nhi rahi )
  2. i dont think it's somehow related to paypal or not....
  3. urdu parhna bore hota hai.....it takes 12413513 minutes to read 1 sentence !
  4. actually didn't understood anything ! btw, what about the servers we're upto create ?
  5. server host ki problem choro....leave it on me....i just want different and new gamemodes !
  6. scripting ho gae gi....we have alot of pakistani team scripters !
  7. i think....first we need to make some servers for pakistani players ! i have alot of ideas of some gamemodes.................just need someone to help me !
  8. well actually , tried to read all of that but didn't understood some of the words but doesn't matter.... good work anyways.... + @Bilal135 it's not nessesscary that he translated it from google...
  9. better to put a gamemode which is different from others..... i always use to have different ideas....but all i need is time and a well-trained scripter with me , who's gonna help me in scripting.... add my skype : saim.zia26 for more info !
  10. Same prob with meh... i am not able to download it now maybe he should give us another link to download this ...
  11. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Se ... axDistance
  12. anubhav, you can just understand urdu language when it's written in english [example] "kia haal hai" but you can't understand urdu language when it's written in urdu format... so it's better if global moderators elect pakistani nominators...
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