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  1. Feel free to leave a reply here: http://www.xiii-mta.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=859&p=5042#p5042
  2. http://www.xiii-mta.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=859&p=5042#p5042 Hello, this topic contains all the info regarding the tournament we're about to organise! As you probably figured out, it is gonna be a sequel of the previous DD tournament XIII held, exactly 1 year ago (yeah, long time). You will participate with your team (teams of 3 players), and you will only play 1 vs 1 matches (team matches). You will firstly choose 2 of the DD maps from the main server, maps which you are gonna use in every single match of yours. We are looking for as many teams as possible to register. The matches will be chosen randomly and after each match, the team which losses gets knocked-out of the tournament. The teams which go further are to play against each other in the upcoming stages. Every match will consist of 12 rounds (each of the 4 maps to be played 3 times). If any match will end up with a tie, there'll be an extra round. What you need to do in order to register is to mention in a comment below the 3 members of your team, the name of your team and the 2 maps which you want to use in the tournament. If you're willing to play but you don't have a team, feel free to state it in a comment - you might get lucky and find some teammates! Ah well, the dates aren't set yet. All we know is that it is gonna take place in january! We're gonna set a date which we hope to be good for each of the participants, but we'll do it a bit later. The prize will be a symbolic amount of ingame money, of course, the real prize is the fun! 1st $ 200 000 2nd $ 125 000 3rd $ 75 000 4th $ 25 000 per team member. Good luck to everyone, we're hoping to see many people interested in this and registering asap! Registrations ending on the 2nd of January! Best regards, Dan3z & Neyts
  3. Imi plac astia care pun punct dupa intrebari )... can someone kill him?
  4. Sunteti incredibili... s-au facut n topic-uri de genul astuia si nu s-a ajuns la nimic. "Haideti sa ne adunam toti scripterii", "Sa iasa ceva frumos" s.a.m.d. Si, evident, toti trageti uimitoarea concluzie cum ca M.T.A.-ul "romanesc" nu poate, lol. Cand cineva cere ajutor( nu e cazul meu, stati linistiti), incepeti: "Nu oferim ajutor cu LEAKED scripts" etc. Normal, pentru eminentele romanesti ce joaca M.T.A. e o dificultate inimaginabila sa faca o propozie in romaneste total. Ca na, daca intri pe servere romanesti(strict Race), toti retardatii cu maxim 5 neuroni(4 dintre ei fiind pe moarte) trebuie sa-si exprime nemultumirile(total nefondate de cele mai multe ori), prin propozitii de genul: "shit map, shit script, nice map", DESI SERVERUL E PLIN DE ROMANI. Deci astia sunt, in mare parte jucatorii romani de MTA. Analfabeti, creduli si multi. Si acum, daca tot ati vorbit atat despre a face un server cum nu s-a mai vazut, de ce nu va uniti voi, astia care sunteti asa priceputi in ale scriping-ului, si faceti un server(RP, race, poate chiar ceva nou, ce vreti voi), care sa atraga pleaba societatii, in speta jucatorii romani de MTA, care populeaza maxim 2 servere: Mihailescu si pana mea( zic totusi sa nu injur). De ce nu incercati? Poate reusiti sa le descuiati mintile imbecililor romani care se cred pielea p**ii si ar fi in stare sa te pupe in c*r toata ziua pentru favoruri pe al tau server. Patetic, patetic... Merita sa incercati, zic.
  5. Dan.

    Downloading problem

    Hi, so lately I've received some strange sort of error ( considering that I have got a decent i-net). It doesn't happen right after I enter a server anyway. At first downloading stops, and after some time I get kicked and some error is shown: Any clue about how to handle this? As I stated before, I don't have either dl speed or ping problems normally.
  6. Dan.

    MTA World Cup

    Salut! Dupa cum stiti(sau nu), TfF organizeaza un turneu de DM asemanator cupei mondiale la fotbal. Romania este una dintre tarile participante, dar pana acum niciun roman nu s-a inscris. Fiecare echipa are 6 playeri ( unul fiind capitan), si rezerve... nelimitate. Mai multe informatii( intr-o engleza de balta de altfel), se gasesc aici: http://www.thefavouredfew.com/index.php ... ain-topic/ Grupa Romaniei: Prima runda va avea loc pe 28 iunie 2014, 21:00(GMT+4)-----adica 19:00 la noi. In prima runda, Romania va juca contra Belgiei. Pentru inscrieri, lasati un "reply" aici cu nick-ul vostru: http://www.thefavouredfew.com/index.php ... 8-romania/ Sper ca se vor inscrie jucatori capabili de a aduce Romaniei un renume frumos in MTA.
  7. Some parts remind me of Packy's v13, togheter with the texture used. But it's a nice map overall, surely looks playable. Always appreciated your videos quality, keep it up!
  8. Dan.

    Join flood error

    Wait one day without trying to connect. It should work then. If not, it probably is server-sided and you'll have to contact some admin from the respective server. It's basically an error which should appear when you flood in. But you probably didn't, then it's from the server(maybe some out-dated resources/ maps causing it).
  9. Dan.

    Section Moderator

    Now that's some kind of attitude I appreciate I guess you're right, it's a pity that people register only to vote.
  10. Dan.

    Section Moderator

    I think sEEk would be the right person for this job. He has some ideas, ideas which I truly believe that could help/ bring new people to this forum. And an important thing, he's quite active.
  11. Dan.

    Flood joining error

    Hey, I need some help. When I'm trying to join a server(it's only happening for XIII), I'm getting this error: I firstly received it like 2 days ago, I reinstalled MTA but it didn't disappear. What can I do? p.s.: Not sure if it's the right forum for such a topic, hope I'm not wrong EDIT: It's all fixed now
  12. Nu am @ Tricky. Am reinstalat Mta-ul, inca nu merge. Acum 2 zile mi-a aparut eroare pentru prima oara.
  13. Salut, cand incerc sa intru pe un server(XIII in speta), primesc aceasta eroare: Ieri am primit-o pentru prima data, si inca nu pot sa intru. E ceva ce as putea face?
  14. Cu ce nick joaca asta MTA? Poate il stiu. Totusi, nu il pot judeca, e copil...
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