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  1. If you're clicking on some other dgs elements make sure to disable them, because otherwise on click they will get on top DGS:dgsSetProperty({ element1, element2 }, "enabled", false) -- Add as much elements as you want
  2. Hello, a month ago i've been banned from the official MTA's Discord, during that time i didn't wrote anything in the server but at that time a malware infected my pc so i was basically spamming scam links over all servers and users, i've been doing a deep cleaning of my pc and everything and i'm wondering if i can be unbanned, sadly didn't expected such a malware at that time and i wasn't even awake when it happened
  3. sFxMTA


    I tried it myself and the problem is actually related to position and width/height of it, use values without screen calculations, you can use guieditor to get the position and then switch from guiElement to dgsElement
  4. sFxMTA


    I think the problem is in your X, Y, Width and Height of your window, you're using sx and sy with relative on, they are gui elements not dx, try to put something like groveWindow= dgsCreateWindow (0.15, 0.33, 0.7, 0.34, "GROVE STREET", true, tocolor(0 ,0 ,0), sy*30, false, tocolor(0 ,238, 0 ,255), nil, tocolor(28 ,28, 28,120), 5,true) And see if it still doesn't shows When you're in gui elements you don't need to calculate the screen width and height by yourself
  5. sFxMTA


    If you wanna show the panel you gotta change false to true in dgsSetVisible and put another dgsSetVisible to false right after you created your elements, otherwise if you want the opposite why are you even showing the cursor? Btw, try to explain better what you wanna get, you got me confused with it
  6. You can start drawing your panel with guieditor (https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=141) Then you'll need to learn a bit the events you'd need: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientGUIClick And you'll need to learn how to load dff/txd files: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineLoadTXD If you're patient enough and you wanna learn then take your time and look these pages, if you're here to get a working script then you're on the wrong section and you must hire a scripter to make it for you
  7. He already told you what to edit, you shoud look through your resource, find your animation and change the loop argument
  8. Take a look in the whole code if there's more than one bindkey on f1, because it seems impossible, the code should work...
  9. What do you get in debugscript? Also, are you using the SERVER part in a server file? Since it looks really weird to me
  10. Server: function CheckMute () if isPlayerMuted ( source ) then setElementData(source,"Muted",true); else setElementData(source,"Muted",false); end end addEventHandler("onPlayerMute", root,CheckMute) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root,CheckMute) Client: bindKey(KeyToOpen or "F1","down", function () if getElementData(localPlayer,"Muted") then return end guiSetVisible(panel,false ) showCursor(guiGetVisible(panel)) if guiGetVisible(panel) == true then mode = "no_binds_when_editing" else mode = "allow_binds" end guiSetInputMode(mode or "allow_binds") end end)
  11. Thank you so much and sorry, i didn't knew about that function and i was trying to use that functions directly on the gridlist, haha Solved, thanks for your patience again
  12. Umh, i maybe didn't understood well but i'll try to explain what i figured out... You could store the whole data in an array and use them with onClientKey, like: function Example (button, pressOrRelease) if not pressOrRelease then return end if isMouseInPosition ( Array[0],Array[1],Array[2],Array[3] ) then outputChatBox("You clicked on X image") end end addEventHandler("onClientKey", root, Example) function isMouseInPosition ( x, y, width, height ) if ( not isCursorShowing( ) ) then return false end local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize ( ) local cx, cy = getCursorPosition ( ) local cx, cy = ( cx * sx ), ( cy * sy ) if ( cx >= x and cx <= x + width ) and ( cy >= y and cy <= y + height ) then return true else return false end end Don't blame me if that's not what you needed, that's just what i understood and i'm trying to help...
  13. Sorry to update this topic still, i tried all of those functions but it seems to not affect on my gridlist, i tried different ways... {tocolor(r,g,b,a)}, tocolor(r,g,b,a), {r,g,b,a} and even hex codes but i can't get it working, maybe i'm missing something or idk...
  14. I'll try it out, thank you for your patience, i really appreciate your help
  15. Thank you so much @thisdp, i'd like to know just one more thing, is there any function to change the scrollbar color? Because i can't see anything related in the documentation (Maybe i'm blinded, idk)
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