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  1. Just draw everything in the render target, then you can draw the render target; ANY size. (Everything inside will of course get smaller) Anyways what's your resolution? Get the render target to fit on YOUR screen, then you can do size*(screenWidth/yourResolution), size*(screenHeight/yourResolution) and so on.
  2. Techial

    mysql result

    I have no idea haha! Anyways, glad I was able to help you BTW, my fix will save you 3-4 lines on each query. ^^
  3. Techial

    mysql result

    I guess the last thing I PM'd you should fix it. addCommandHandler("log", function ( thePlayer, command, value1, value2 ) local query; if ( value1 and value2 ) then query = exports["Main-system"]:clean_query ( "SELECT `AccountId`, `AccountPassword`, `AccountUsername` FROM `Accounts` WHERE `AccountPassword` = '".. mysql_escape_string ( db, value1 ) .."' AND `AccountUsername` = '".. mysql_escape_string ( db, value2 ) .."'" ); elseif ( value1 and not value2 ) then query = exports["Main-system"]:clean_query ( "SELECT `AccountId`, `AccountPassword`, `AccountUsername` FROM `Accounts` WHERE `AccountPassword` = '".. value1 .."' and `AccountUsername` = '".. getPlayerName ( thePlayer ) .."'" ); else outputChatBox ( "Wrong usage: /log [] ", thePlayer ); return; end if ( query > 0) then local row = query[1] setElementData ( thePlayer, "loggedin", true ); setElementData ( thePlayer, "accountid", row["AccountId"] ); spawnPlayer ( source, 1686, -2334, 14 ); fadeCamera ( source, true ); setCameraTarget ( source, source ); else outputChatBox ( "nopes", thePlayer ); return; end end );
  4. Techial

    mysql result

    Errm, could you send me your whole database library? (Mask the username,pass,host and so on)
  5. Sorry if it took me too long to reply once again. May I ask if this stream the models to both client and server? Thanks for your help! That script is client-sided. It temprorarily replaces a model in the client's engine. Which means you need to download the model file to the client before launching script. After leaving the server, MTA replaces the downloaded file with a backup done BEFORE entering server. <meta> <file src="model.txd"/> <file src="model.dff"/> <script src="client.lua" type="client"/> </meta>
  6. Techial

    mysql result

    Have you tried -- Assuming you've already defined handler. local query = mysql_query(handler, "SELECT version()") local result = {} while true do local row = mysql_fetch_assoc(query) if (not row) then break end table.insert(result, row) end return result
  7. guiCreateStaticImage onClientGUIClick Enjoy You'll also have to destroyElement
  8. Techial

    mysql result

    No need mate We all make mistakes!
  9. Techial

    mysql result

    Because you have to fetch the result.
  10. loadstring http://www.gammon.com.au/scripts/doc.php?lua=loadstring local launch = assert(loadstring(SCRIPT-IN-STRING-HERE)) launch() --Alternative: assert(loadstring(SCRIPT-IN-STRING-HERE))()
  11. You could try looping through all the players. Get the distance between you and them, and if it's inside your parameters it would outputChatBox to them (server-side)
  12. triggerClientEvent(PlayerToSendInfoTo, "onRegister", root)
  13. Oh god, I just recognized this script.. I made it for aR// Thanks for stealing it!
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