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  1. Antoni

    Gamemode ideas

    Deathrace, but in late 2013 I wouldn't spend your time making a massive GM for MTA:SA from scratch. MultIV and GTA V on PC are on the horizon, I'd just wait a while and get in them early.
  2. Hi, I have wondered for a while how you use coordinates to create things like chat limits, and zones where certain commands work. For example, a chat limit on a roleplay server where only people in a certain range can see the speech text, or the /me. And also certain areas where commands will work. Like on some TDM servers you spawn and must be stood close to your spawnpoint (but not exactly on it) to do a command like /class and change your weapons.
  3. It was simply because I was using the live demo. Thanks, it's working on the downloaded version.
  4. 20 = n 390 = s = n + s input:1: unexpected symbol near '20' I don't think it's that. I'm running off http://www.lua.org/cgi-bin/demo could that be the problem? Do I need some kind of plugins first?
  5. So I'm learning Lua and when I do this: n = 20 s = 390 = n + s I get the error: input:3: unexpected symbol near '=' I think my tutorial is giving me an example like this from 5.1 so how would I write this in 5.2?
  6. Antoni

    Is good this PC?

    Oh really? Physx, CUDA, price for performance. I'm not some fanboy saying "NVIDIA IS BETTER THAN AMD!!!" but every neutral person knows the 600 series is kicking the 7000 series' ass. If the sides turned I would happily buy an AMD card.
  7. Antoni

    Is good this PC?

    Proof or it didn't happen. http://www.sevenforums.com/chillout-roo ... hamed.html Sure it's from June 2011, but things have pretty much stayed the same that intel CPUs just kill AMD ones.
  8. Antoni

    Is good this PC?

    I found even an i3 has been able to outperform an AMD 6-core, if he gets a lower end i5 for slightly more (there's nothing low end about an i5 ) he will have a much better PC. Also OP you should go with a nvidia, what with phyx, CUDA, and just the performance/price of the current generation, nvidia 600 cards are so much better than AMD 7000
  9. Antoni

    Is good this PC?

    ^He can't afford an SSD on that budget. I would get a cheap i5, and that PSU looks like a deathtrap for that PC. You want one that costs a decent amount, a good brand like Corsair. By the way, does dual mean you're buying two 7850s?
  10. Antoni


    Don't think any exist. MTA is a very good client, but by the looks of it roleplay is only just building up after so long in MTA. I'd hang around the best roleplay server MTA offers and suggest if they add scripting to one of the villages.
  11. Am I allowed to have an image link in my signature that goes to a site where people can buy and sell accounts for MTA servers, scripts, etc.
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