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  1. Mes niekaip negalimt padeti tau, reikia tau su serverio administratoriais susisiekti.
  2. Idomu, kaip planuoji issiskirt nuo kitu DayZ serveriu?
  3. Gaila, nera tam laiko. Visas laikas ant mokslu iseina. Bet po leto matosi kad visi iseina is MTA, aisku atsiranda nauju zaideju, bet Lietuviu isleto mazeja.
  4. Pats dabar nekuriu, ir greiciausiai nebekursiu. MTA programavimas nera ant tiek sunkus, tai gera vieta buvo pradeti mokytis kaip ka daryti. Kadangi pramokau LUA, ir ejau ant kitu kalbu, as pasilikau kaip padejejas ir taip pat kaip ir tu laukiu kol koks geresnis projektas atsirastu.
  5. Daugelis projektu kuriamu praniko i nezinia, vien is patirties dirbant su kitais parode kad visa komanda nepasilieka, o kadangi dingsta zmones is komandos, kiti like nebenori pratesti projektu. Kiek zinau yra keli Lietuviski serveriai bet, ar kokie projektai bekuriami tai cia ir paciam butu idomu.
  6. There are ways of adding additional vehicles, It's not easy to script, but it is possible. Some servers have produced scripts like that. Simple way of doing such a thing is to store the required data (new model, properties .. etc) and load them whenever the vehicle is spawned, or check if the vehicle is loaded correctly.
  7. Wow, really? Which functions would I have to use? The simplest way I can think of is by using tables/arrays and element data, I can't tell the exact functions, but there are ways of adding additional vehicles and weapons without having to modify client files, just simply using the model number and adding a custom integer to check and compare values would allow to have you multiple of the same element with different properties.
  8. There is a lack of proof, honestly, the names don't tell a lot and the labels saying it is not helping. The names don't tell anything as anyone can change the names quickly, you're better off providing a serial number and the images of labels that say who the "Hackers" are is no help at all because you can simply create a new resource with a label that says this and try to get innocent people banned. Also, the server might be running a resource that just changes the name, ignore it as people start resources up that are compiled which allows them to do whatever they want with the server.
  9. Nera sunku, biski paskaityt wiki tereikejo ir viena koda duota tarp wiki perdaryt. Daugiausiai uztruktum 5 minutes. function antiRecoil( ) weaponList = { "colt 45", "silenced", "deagle", "shotgun", "sawed-off", "combat shotgun", "uzi", "mp5", "ak-47", "m4", "tec-9", "rifle", "sniper", "minigun" } for _,weapon in ipairs( weaponList ) do setWeaponProperty(weapon, "poor", "accuracy", 9999) setWeaponProperty(weapon, "std", "accuracy", 9999) setWeaponProperty(weapon, "pro", "accuracy", 9999) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, antiRecoil)
  10. Take a look at this: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=9265
  11. store it using setElementData, easy to get rid off, easy to use and is not permanent only for a few minutes which won't start causing lag. (Doesn't matter which side you store it onto, I still was able to get the data from server side even though I stored onto client, but client is a lot better place to store in my opinion)
  12. guiCreateStaticImage
  13. By making a script you can actually have a lot of different cars and weapons, I don't know about peds, but I know for sure that a lot of new weapons and cars can be added and the old ones could remain there as well. So you could have the weapons and vehicles you want to have if you know how to implement them with a script without the need of full vehicle/weapon replacement.
  14. What you would need to do is use a mysql database to connect the server with your website. You will need to retrieve the information from the server with the wins, etc .. Once you get that information, you will need a code that would get a background for the image and which would automatically edit the background image to display the information, you do need to require knowledge of MySql, php, html (most probably css). Few links that could help you
  15. Set every vehicle damage proof, then use event "onVehicleEnter" to set the car damageable.
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