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  1. ...That isn't the question here. Quit wasting space on the forums.
  2. For 2 dollars i barely expect a bottle of mt dew. Go ahead, pay the minor his 2 bucks. Tell me how the debugging goes after he's left you with half of someone else's script.
  3. You pay cheap price, you get cheap work.
  4. You have absolutely no reason to use other code to learn it in my opinion. Learn Lua, then set a goal. Figure out what procedures and design it takes to achieve that goal, then if you need to, see how others did it. Reverse engineer your idea in your mind. If you have to move an arm, find procedures on bone animation. If you have to resize a car, figure out which procedures you would need to scale an element. Etc. Go through the wiki, and look at the tools you are offered. You're wasting your time figuring out how a couple straight forward lines of code work.
  5. GhostXoP

    School Laptop

    You just answered your own question Go get the Administrator's password. It won't matter anyway if they're running Deep Freeze
  6. That has to be my favorite part of debugging. Pinpointing the problem when the crash logs of different customers machines match.
  7. Probably means i want the beams too.
  8. Is it possible to attach auxiliary lights to a vehicle? (Similar to headlights, not just images without beams)
  9. Is there a gallery of vehicle upgrade images? Where can i find it?
  10. Overlooked this during my leave, thank you for researching
  11. Do these tables just contain model numbers for the upgrades? I'm asking if there are more variables involved.
  12. Why the hell did you bother responding then? No. How can i interact with the information from the table the function returns. Table.UpgradeName Table.SlotName etc.
  13. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Get ... leUpgrades How would i index the table returned for any given slot by the function.
  14. A true man, takes great pride in his work. Of the couple thousand lines my game mode is (36 Klocs and growing, so its actually small at the moment but) I would hang anyone who stole even a piece of my scripts. Well. Yeah, Id find them, and hang them. Otherwise, be very choosy of your words on this forum. Steal any scripts and we will make sure your stay isn't pleasant.
  15. Doncha think that's a little pointless?
  16. Like in the original map editor, where can i find information on the sizes of objects? (a size must of been needed to put a collision box around each object on spawn within the map editor) where can i find these? (In the editor source or other links)
  17. Get rid of them ASAP. Trigger happy is no excuse for a task as such. I suggest you find Admins who you can trust, who have had experience. Players get warnings, Moderators should know right from wrong and job removal should be swift on punishment.That has nothing to do with your answer, but i can say Start learning Lua, you will build and it gets exciting all that power under your fingers. If its your first language, then it can help translate to learning others as well that can help with Jobs later on in life. In fact, i remember when i started in Assembler Years ago. When i made my first bootsector for a floppy disk (which was simple in comparison to writing a File System Driver for FAT32) and had it print to the screen, i felt like a God. Believe me, learn this, it will be worth your while some day.
  18. I had a feeling it was like that, wasn't sure if it was if you clicked a blank space in the gridlist and it would fire, but i then realized it would return -1 if that too. Thanks
  19. Which event would i use to know when and which grid list row was clicked?
  20. Also note that not everything will be the same. Be sure to set up controls to your comfort in the binds menu in settings at the main menu.
  21. Please note that this line is also very important in the long run, you will have un-explainable errors popping out of nowhere because when you went to start another resource, this function was ran again.
  22. Unfortunately the site gives as much information as the MTA Wiki does (just what it is) and a graph, but its not the answer i'm looking for. Id like to know where the number plays a part in the equation. Whats the difference between 1 and 2 on the property for example, does it do 1*someAmount where as 2 would be 2*someAmount? If its a ratio, what does it represent? Rate of acceleration in what? mph? kmh? 1/50th meter per second per what? That's the answer i'm looking for.
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    Different Conventions do exist.
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