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  1. you need a no cd crack to fix the loding game bug den yuol be abel to play it and load the game:)
  2. i dosent apeer in that list and how do i host i luch the server and a dos windows comes up and say listenig then wat do i do load the gama and wait till some one yoins i dont now wat to do plz help??
  3. i dosent work it goes to the sequens or demo and den it finishes and den it starts al over again it dosent work
  4. the game starts all fine but wen the demo starts i cant play i prees enter every button on my keyboard and it dosent go away the demo how do i skip it plzzzzzzzzzzz help
  5. i cant find server this to complicated i already read the faq file i cant conect hrlppppppppppppp plz mta teammmmmmmm
  6. this to xerox ummm i have a question can you tel me wat time is in newzeland because i live in Puerto Rico and i dont think youl relese 0.3 in my 24 hours of Puerto Rico the curen time in PR is 8:28 AM so i you can tell me wats the hour ther i can courdinate my time with your to se in wat hour of PR youl relese 0.3 k thanks and keep the good work mta team
  7. plz relese it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz auch fuking monitor i hit it again shit au tht hurt
  8. il go eat something to se if i get my self to geder i hope i dont hit my monitor again plz relese it
  9. plz relese it my head just hit the monitor plz zzzzzzzz
  10. are you goin to relese it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im sleepe i just want to now plz if your not releseng it today tell me i want to go to sleep
  11. yea trx your the best you cudent make it easier yea you go mta team yeaaaaaaaaa keep up the good work mta now its easiyer to start am online game yeaaaaaaa
  12. im not trying to be rude but will you relese it today
  13. its mi siul im sory for the post its yous im impatiant i now you have a life to live to i understand so sorry i wil never do it again :(
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