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  1. MAB


    I opened the ports in the wifi router that is the pc connected with and in the windows firewall as well but the mta server says that they are still closed... The IP is correct and etc..
  2. How to make a line do like a circle progress bar.. it's a circle and it appears more and more with increasing the value but it is a line not a circle
  3. getLocalization This function gets the MTA general language on the player's PC? How i know these language codes or name? am i magician? and what does ["code"] mean? local languageCode = getLocalization()["code"]
  4. MAB

    Top bar chat

    I tried to prevent this resource from changing the text alpha, just show it and after its time remove it.. i failed.. little help?
  5. Damn.. I am going to use images
  6. look at this function.. edges are missed up, how to fix it
  7. It is called "on Shop Markers Hit" but idk why the forum change it to :~ try it without spaces and you will see
  8. "object" is wrong, you can't pass elements as strings. local IdAA = getElementModel(selecteda[object])
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