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  1. spazzo2010


    hey everyone i was wondering if there is a way to play this with the gta uninted map
  2. spazzo2010

    handling bug

    no certain handlings are special like the monster truck various things have to be changed to get little change in hight
  3. if your revs go up you use more fuel if you are going 190mph and your revs are at 1000 it would use less than 5000rpm at 130mph
  4. there are few scripts on the community page but they are all only small you could ask to use one and to make it bigger and better pm me if you need anymore help
  5. spazzo2010

    No custom rims

    i think they should add a option as that for your server because i have modded wheels as well cause i really think the original ones look funny
  6. and im curently working onjob finding script
  7. we need a admin and some scripters hopefully a admin who could possibly run the server because i cant open my ports and the other admin cant keep it online it crashes on him: list of current features houses still making them buy able will probally start and people can ask as they want them cars can buy and own vehicles jobs has 5-10 jobs on there at the moment we are making custom addons for the map like more houses /cars all that stuff we have a handling editor p.s. we have used scripts from people who we will give credits in our start/rules page :2nd admin leigh (spazzo2010)
  8. hello we could use a scripter for mta sa 1.1.1 please join us in creating our new server RGS2 RPG we need a lot of scripts so any scripts /scripters are welcome :admin 2 spazzo2010:
  9. i was playing on a server then the game crashed now i can't play again it shows the menu then crashes without a error code it works when i reinstall both gta and mta
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