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  1. Ого какие люди, я как-то и подзабыл зачем и за что тебя вообще тут забанили такого спеца по МТА Рад слышать что у тебя всё ОК, в своё время немало мне тут помог на форуме за что и благодарен тебе)
  2. Мониторинг нехило развивается, виден результат работы и частые обновления, так что создателю огромный респект. Также хочу поблагодарить за предоставление моему проекту бесплатного V.I.P. статуса на месяц, это приятная неожиданность. Желаю и дальше развиваться во благо популяризации МТА.
  3. Неплохой сервис, приятный глазу интерфейс, да и удобно все. А кто создатель проекта? Хотелось бы связаться с ним, есть пару вопросов. Случайно не Вы ли, Misha_Konsta?
  4. performancebrowser в помощь, скорее всего проблема в других функциях сервера.
  5. С каких пор данные параметры стали НЕОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНЫМИ?
  6. Заблокировать команду "msg". local prohibitedCommands = {["msg"]=true} function noMsg(cmd) if prohibitedCommands[cmd] then outputChatBox("Эта команда запрещена.",source) cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onPlayerCommand",root,noMsg)
  7. Is there any way to disable these two commands? They can cause a total mess on the server. Thanks in advance for replying.
  8. Ничего нового из списка запланированного я так и не нашел, все это мы уже видели... Да и к тому же, Role Play и RPG - две разные вещи в GTA SA, ты уж определись.
  9. Можно использовать встроенные функции аккаунтов МТА лишь для создания самого аккаунта, а все остальные данные хранить в MySQL.
  10. Разработчикам МТА давно пофиг на эту проблему, которой уже наверно лет 5. Баг вечно переносится из версии в версию и вместо того чтобы нормально решить это самим разрабам, скриптеры вынуждены фиксить это различными таблицами, таймерами, проверками вхождения в стрим и т.д.
  11. Thank you, tosfera. But what about fuel system? Which way is more efficient if you need to sync the fuel state with server? What do you suggest?
  12. First, I'd like to thank you guys for your very useful tips and advices! Now I want to ask some additional questions. Let's begin. I'm an owner of Roleplay server, so I use MySQL for saving data. You know that there is a lot of information about players, vehicles and so on. I've been using "UPDATE" statements very often before I read what you wrote. "SELECT" queries I use only on login and on a resource start events. Then I set the returned data to the tables. I also have one db-connection and shared it with other resources. So, my questions are: 1. How often do I need to use UPDATE statements, e.g. for backup saving player data while he's online every 15 mins (I used this every 1 min!)? 2. Do I need to use callback function in my SELECT query to disable freezeing the whole server or use timeout parameter -1 in dbPoll anyway? Yes, I use return fot that. Never used this useful function before, thank you again! Will try! Did that too, but it's hard to do with players, especially on render. I use many colshapes with key binds. E.g., if a player press some button being within the colshape something happens. What is the best way to do that taking into account that there might be a lot of places where you need to activate something with button? As to fuel systems I even need to synchronize fuel state of a vehicle not only with a driver, so I have to use element data for that. Any other solution? Thanks in advance for replies!
  13. Hi there. I've been making my own server for a long time and the time has come for beta testing. Now I came across a problem called optimization. I have a lot resources with huge amount of stuff which may cause some lags and which eat CPU. These are elements, like vehicles, house and business pickups, many colshapes, etc. I also use element data and some render stuff of course. The things I mentioned in the subject of this topic never leave me in peace. My question is what of them are most CPU-greed and what is an alternative? Where do I need to dig first for optimizing? Because I found that the server starts to lag when its online hits 15+ people. Thank you for advance.

    Server lags

    Server lags

    Unfortunately, I only can see a small piece of information provided by my hosting services. It shows there that my server eats: - 6-7% CPU - 0.2% RAM - 6% Hard drive I can give a screenshot of my client scripts from performancebrowser if it's needed.
  16. As an easier thing; just make the vehicle damage proof when the health drops below 400. Yes it really works but how about server CPU if I use it server-side with "onVehicleDamage"?

    Server lags

    Can high client CPU usage affect these lags? Because I see some resources with "onClientRender" and "onClientPreRender" eat 4-5% CPU.
  18. I can spawn a vehicle after blowing up at the right coordinates and make it damage proof. But before that the vehicle needs to be blow up anyway. And I'd like to completely remove blowing up. Is this possible? Here is my code what I've got: function onVehiclesExplode() local model = getElementModel(source) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) local rx,ry,rz = getElementRotation(source) destroyElement(source) setTimer(spawnAfterExplode,50,1,model,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) end addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), onVehiclesExplode) function spawnAfterExplode(model,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) local newvehicle = createVehicle(model,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) setVehicleDamageProof(newvehicle,true) end
  19. I will try it, thank you for your response!

    Server lags

    Ping is okay too, 50-150. It's very strange and I don't know what to do
  21. What do you mean? Just respawn the vehicle?

    Server lags

    Of course, I always use debugscript. It's clear and there are no any errors or warnings. I can't figure out what else may cause these lags because scripts seem OK. I don't experience any FPS drop or something. It's just some delays.
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