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  1. Well there is an event called "onPlayerLogin" : https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnPlayerLogin But it's only server side , so if you want to draw a text , etc .... you will have to use triggerClientEvent to call the function on the client side.
  2. bandi94


    Well there is a reasone of why the player can't play while downloading ( actualy there are more ... ). But one of them is : the download will take the bandwidth, if the player has a bad internet connection then he will have a very nasty lag. Anyway it is possible check this out : https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=3379
  3. "0xAARRGGBB" is not a color , it's a default form of hex color's. AA = alpha , RR = red , GG = green , BB = blue. So if you want white color you use : 0xFFFFFFFF , or tocolor(255,255,255,255) For more hex color codes check this out : http://www.color-hex.com/
  4. Well you need to use "sensor" check's. isVehicleOnGround -- if it's false you are in the air so you stop/ change the Velocity value onClientVehicleCollision onClientVehicleDamage -- this 2 can be used to check if you hit something ( a car in front of you ) then again change Velocity value to make that resistance effect , etc ...
  5. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxDrawImageSection
  6. local lastDmg = 0; addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage",localPlayer, function() lastDmg = getTickCount() end ) setTimer( function () if lastDmg+5000 < getTickCount() and getElementHealth(localPlayer) < 100 then setElementHealth ( localPlayer, ( getElementHealth ( localPlayer ) + 15 ) ) end end,5000,0) end
  7. bandi94


    IFP loading is disabled because it was unstable. Your move speed was significantly decreased , etc. So you can't load ifp files at all.
  8. function setCurrentChannel(id) if (id < 0) or (id > #radios) then return false; end; outputChatBox("setting done") channelID = id; for i,v in ipairs (radios) do if v[1] == id then actual = v[2] suivant = v[i+1][2] -- next row data 2 previous = v[i-1][2] -- prev row data 2 outputChatBox(v[2]) end return true; end end
  9. In meta.xml write "image.png" in the script write "Image.png" and try it on Windows you will see that will work without any problem. When you will try to run it on Linux you will see in debug that can't find image path. So yes it changes thing's.
  10. Your local host server was Windows server i am prity shure , and the real server is running under Linux. Windows is not Linux you could start learning what is different then you will know why this kind of thing's happen. As a small example Windows dosent care about upper case ( on windows "Mta" and "mta" is the same ) but on Linux there are not the same becouse Linux care about upper case.
  11. bandi94


    well that should be in the same spot ( you used relativ calculation ) , the problem would be or the text size ( i doubt that it move's very much the text but it could move it a bit). My best guest is the display aspect ration , you mabe use 16:9 and your friend 4:3 or other one. Try to use " dxSetAspectRatioAdjustmentEnabled "
  12. Well it's kinda possible if the 2 car model's are not so different. So if you wanna only add a spoiler and the cop light's you can check this out. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehicleVariant https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Vehicle_variants It's the same thing that single player uses for car customization.
  13. Well it say's clear that "thePlayer" argument it's a marker / vehicle and not a Ped / Player. Post the full code , the error is in the line where you call speedCam() function.
  14. Why you dont use "moveObject" ??
  15. Well there is setTimer but the minimum time is 50 mili secs not even close to 3. After all what is so hard to calculate ? You take the current FPS let's say 45 FPS , that is 1 sec (1000 mil sec ) that mean's that the smallest possible trigger is 1000/45 = 22 mili sec, for 3 mili sec you would need 1000/3 = 333 FPS that is not possbile , at 100 FPS (max) you can do a 1000/100 = 10 mili sec trigger.
  16. Maybe bk not everyone live in a place where money grow on the tree's ( parents ) and they can't just spend 1-2k euro on a gameing PC like maybe you can .... And GTA:SA game eninge is a crapy engine and don't realy can handle custom object's very well so those player's must use 800x600 to get out some FPS just bk they can't get money for gameing PC's from the tree's. Now you know why .....
  17. EDIT: On the irc chat someone told me that it's bk of the displayable object limit around +/- 150 /200. Well the only reasonable solution i found is MTA EIR. Because if only with wall's the limit is exceeded , the furniture and decorations will also be very limited if i could somehow solve the wall problem. I tryed to replace different kind of object's but same result , well i don't even move the camera so it's not the LODDistance . Or my MTA / Nvidia graphic card is acting so crazy idk , but I'm sick of it. Here is a video :
  18. I am working on a new gamemode. I need to place wall object's ( custom 3D one dff /txd /col ). Everything cool until i place +/- 100 pieces after that MTA start's freaking out like object's start disappear ( it's not any of my script's doing that ) if i move the camera then they apear and the object's behind start disappear.... All object's are inside of the streamIn distance so it's not the distance. Is there any limit of object's ( same tipe ) in a small area or something like that i am placing them in a place like 48x36 MTA unit's. THX
  19. Yes it's for the DGT server , it was my DM team but after a time i got bored about raceing and it fall'd apart. Anyway the releasing name will be something else , like "The MTA: Sims"
  20. Good to know that they are player's interested in this gamemode. This day's and maybe some more day's i was / will unable to do anything bk i have other work to do and i don't have free time for script but i will try to post some videos asap i can.
  21. For the moment there is not. I will post some video's very soon about the building system. Unfortunately i have some work this day's so i can script only 1-2 hour at night. But some nice guy's offered to help with scripting / 3D modelling so the work is in progress.
  22. Hmm yes nice idea , i could get for every object the BoundingBox and according to that min/max XY i could calculate on which matrix element's the object is placed , so i can mark that place as occupied. I will make some test and let's see.
  23. Maybe some of you already know , that i am developing FatalTerror 's paused / abandoned TheSims game mode. I want to know some opinions. At the begin i was thinking to save the objects into a matrix , each matrix element would be a 1 square meter place on your building place , but now after i am done with the wall placeing i realized that this methode is a bit to work dependent and i am kinda lazy. I would need to wirte i a big table where specify for each object how many 1 square meter squares ( matrix element's ) would need after that this specifications would need to be re calculated based on the object rotation .... a lot of work i have no time to do it ... So i was thinking how good would be to use "GetElementColShape" and "isElementWithinColShape" to detect if the new object will be in collision with an already placed object if it is then i move it 1 square meter further , in this way i could keep the "The Sims 3" object placing methode , and i can block the collision's to ??
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