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  1. Thanks, I was looking for something like that.
  2. Is there any way (or public resource) to animate camera matrix.. like transitioning from point A to point B smoothly. It looks easy to make, but I always get shaky camera when I try to make it.
  3. Seeking for argument, ha? I don't have time for this anyway. This site is owned by my pal Kevin, who is a coder also. I'm just a co-owner. There is nothing pathetic about confirming that something posted by an virtually reputation-less user is legit, especially since I have done many transactions in the past and a lot of people can trust and vouch for me.
  4. I can confirm that this site is legit (if my word means anything to you ). If you are interested in my Gang System script (previously Gang Manager), PM me and to 5 lucky users I'll give 30% off coupon for it (and yes it is uncompiled and updated version)
  5. Client: function playerJoined() outputChatBox("welcome") end addEvent("playerJoined",true) addEventHandler("playerJoined",getRootElement(),playerJoined)
  6. First one definitely, second one creates render target again and again (it will not cause bugs, but it will be unnoticeably slower). I'm sure the wiki has the examples with render target created outside the onClientRender.
  7. I have created a Gang Manger and released it publicly, check below in my signature.
  8. ADCX


    Apparently I've got a ban for the same reason, except mine didn't have a backdoor. They just assumed it had backdoor because it was compiled. The administrators here are lame.
  9. If you are thinking of skin mods or car mods it is possible almost out of the box, but the CLEO mods or other script mods would have to be rewritten from scratch in Lua.
  10. ADCX

    MTA GTASA Android

    Well it is possible to make, but very unlikely. MTA was made for computer and to just port it to mobile would not be possible without making major adjustments and rewriting the code. And even if it is done, they'd have to make it have separate servers or computer users would be in an advantage because of keyboard and mouse.
  11. You just assumed that because it was compiled? Why does then MTA have http://luac.mtasa.com/ It doesn't have any backdoor! Why would I put this much effort in a script just to have an rampage on other mediocre server. I don't even play MTA anymore, I used to, but now I'm only a freelance programmer.
  12. When I saw your 'friendly' event and other ones in the first post, I assumed that you renamed them to the ones that were in the script and that the picture is something you took before that. But now, this is the part you should have posted in the first place. It is now pretty obvious that you don't have those three events in the client. The person who made the code might have forgotten to add them to the client. Or if you have 'friendly' event in the client code, post it here so we can analyze.
  13. I tested it for you, it has no errors that you mentioned, only one that says that the client function 'startWar' is missing, but I assume it is in the other portion of the code. Either way, you have done something wrong when adding the client part of the code.
  14. Don't worry, Shinigami. I assume that IIYAMA will now start his local server and load up these scripts there, and look for solutions, so he can get back to me. But, seriously. Shinigami, check your resources, did you add the files properly, maybe you have been editing the wrong client file, so the one in the resource's folder doesn't actually contain events. This code should theoretically trigger those events, even if some of the functions contain errors.
  15. I didn't said that you noob, go read better. @ Shinigami As I said before, let the server know when the client is loaded. OK, so, 'expert', how do you propose to solve his problem?
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