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  1. Radar now works. Nice to see the official servers finally updated to 0.3.
  2. Didn't fix it for me. I'll try reinstalling gtavc and mtavc though see if that makes a difference.
  3. Do you know where I can get 0.2.2 though so I can try your idea?
  4. Rob did not spam he was answering a question. Also I'm going to try out all the peoples ideas and see if I can get vc to run better. speed wise and iq wise.
  5. look in the server configuration file. You can change it on or off. I have it off for my server.
  6. Last man standing mode. You only live once. last person that his still alive wins. It's my fave in other online games. So it should be fun in VC too.
  7. Will there be ai cops? That be cool. I'm thinking not possible but if so cool. All vs the coppers.
  8. Can't wait. I call shotgun. His fisrt-time-gta3-user opinions pretty close though. My only wish is that this one gets more priority over vice city.
  9. I like the 2 in 1 idea and also like the number setup. Makes sense for it to be version 0.1.
  10. it does the same thing to me too?
  11. Finally someone agrees with me. Also is there priority for vc or are they trying to work on both them at the same pace. I know that there using the same core or something so gta3 version 0.35 should be around the corner right?
  12. I like the darker feel of gta3 better then colorful vc. Plus the new stuff in vc don't matter to me.
  13. It looks like there only working on vc now. GTA3 is better though. This sucks. Hopefully 0.3.5 comes out soon. To think it should of came out before the new version of vc.
  14. I have a geforce mx and get no problems with settings on the highest. I use beta drivers the newest beta driver is 45.20!
  15. It might be 64 if all lag and bugs get fixed. One big server sounds cool though! Good idea Dark.
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